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  1. I was always the emergency goalie for my teams growing up, using loaner gear, and got pretty good at it to where I was playing D on one team and was invited to play goal for another.

  2. For everyone whining about the graphics…have you played a 2k game in the last 15 years? They’re terrible and not fun. The physics are trash and the controls are trash.

  3. Unless you are q Chavista in Venezuela, then voting proves there is a dictatorship

  4. How would I go about using the model, for example, in a colab I am already running?

  5. Killed off FTR, Starks, Hobbs, almost MJF but he pulled through it, Darby for a long time...

  6. I know this opinion will drive some criticism but I've just stopped watching AEW altogether recently.

  7. You're not psyched for Mox defending the title vs. Luther or whoever the fuck?

  8. I precook my filling until it thickens a bit

  9. Everyone laughs but the point of capitalism was that you'd have accountability. If you spent money on a project that wasn't good it would mess things up for you. Like if you open a restaurant and your food is terrible, you won't be running it for long.

  10. That's the myth of the "Free market." What really happens is exactly what we are seeing: Constant concentration of wealth, elimination of competition, drive toward monopoly, and then (completely predictable) decadence

  11. Its certainly within our capacity. We've just gotta educate the morons that think it's gonna summon the devil.

  12. Didn't get it with Obama's 2 years of total control of the federal government, so are you referring to Democrats?

  13. I’m sorry you said 2 years? You’re referring to the time Ted Kennedy died and his seat went unfilled, Al Franken’s win sat contested for months… we had a majority for a total of about 45 days. But then you neglect to consider the 8 or 9 “Blue Dog Democrats” - sorry just threw up in my mouth a little…

  14. Wow you paint a bleak picture, sounds like we ought to throw the whole system away and start over with real democracy

  15. Jeez people it’s 2022. Change employers, change careers, start a business etc. If redditors put half the effort into bettering their lives as they do complaining on the internet they would be in a much better place.

  16. Oblivious privileged person ☝️☝️☝️

  17. Working from home playing video games and doing the bare minimum to look busy

  18. I do a lot of "preparation," "research," and "QA testing"

  19. Like how they blamed every slave revolt on Haitians sowing the seeds of rebellion

  20. Then they blamed the civil rights movement on the Soviet Union

  21. I don't think players will want to be shot by an arrow

  22. Horrible shit ass company, best of luck to the union

  23. What did he do to become no. 1 contender?

  24. He wrestles maybe once a week, I think he'll be fine

  25. His takes are dumb and result from being easily swayed by propaganda which is a sign of being dumb

  26. He's dumb, or smart enough to realize he can profit off the dumb

  27. Alexa fighting back during a two-heels-beat-the-babyface-in-the-corner looked super awkward, though.

  28. She's not the best professional wrestler.

  29. I mean i love gop and demon of the fall but wtf man its been at least 10 years that they play it live

  30. I've seen them 4 times and have never heard Ghost of Perdition

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