1. I refuse to believe someone is actually going to open this.

  2. You underestimate the stupidity of this community. By this community I mean me, I got Smith Rowe

  3. D4, 8 wins, option 2- PTG Broz and KDB, I’m happy

  4. Been using WC Carvalho since he came out and went 17-3 in both Weekend Leagues, he's a beast for me!

  5. He does look good and I definitely will try him, just annoyed I got a player I already have a version of haha

  6. I get that, I got Campos, so not too happy aswell haha

  7. Campos is a ton of fun to use as a striker, very nimble on the ball

  8. Oh that Cahill is sitting in my Everton P&P for sure.

  9. Sadly all attackers bar Oviedo, I need a hero Per Kroldrup or some shit

  10. I forgot all about Godfrey and I had him not long ago haha. I’ve also just noticed showdown Davy, we eatin’ today.

  11. My PS has been doing the same but it’s not exclusive to fifa, at least from my experience. Open it up and clean it out of any dust

  12. You might need to watch a YouTube video and clean it out. FIFA gets my console really hot and it shut down after an hour or two. Once I cleaned it, no problems.

  13. I did mate, found a post on here about it and cleaning the little vents where the power supply is. No trouble since

  14. Were they playing as a Co-op? I think if they’re a co-op they need to score two

  15. The Ecuador friendlies objective gives a group A essentials pack

  16. That’s a hero mate, he means icons like Eusebio etc

  17. They had tournaments where you could win futties and tots.

  18. His stats are good and I’ll definitely give him a go, value wise though not good. You use shadow on him?

  19. Value not good, and yeah I used a shadow, never felt super slow compared to people, felt like he made tackles that should have been fouls but never were, always in a good spot for me.

  20. Yeah his defensive stats are nuts tbf, will give him a few games over Rudiger. Thanks mate

  21. They could just include the players in the pack and make you get less dupes. But since you get two packs, you could get same players in both packs.

  22. Tbf you can only get one player the same, seen as the Rare players pack is 12 rare and the gold players pack is 1

  23. Yet even still, with this year’s duplicate odds, you’re probably gonna get that one rare dupe lol

  24. Oh, definitely! The amount of 83’s in the game and I get the same 3 over and over

  25. I’ve started 1-5 and think I’ll leave the rest for Sunday (usually get 45 or 52)

  26. You’re in the same boat as me, pain

  27. Sick of the sight of the Spain flag

  28. Go to your controller settings and turn off dynamic triggers

  29. It’s on Futbin, FUTWIZ, etc. basically lengthy players are broken compared to everyone else. Kane can beat fast fullbacks in a race because he’s lengthy and the FBs are explosive or controlled

  30. Ah okay, I sort of like the idea of it because it seems like they’re taking stride length etc into account. I just hope it’s not a mechanic that’s stupidly OP

  31. Well as of right now it’s broken lengthy players are far better than either of the other two

  32. Hahaha I’ve seen similar to that before, I’ve had a Brazilian simply just called “Dude”

  33. My favorite Brazilian player I had was a CB called Taxí... whenever he touched the ball I'd say 'beep beep' under my breath

  34. Maybe of his time, but not of all time, which is what I think icons should be👍

  35. If that’s your idea of what makes an icon then there’d only be one or two icons per position

  36. And is there an issue with that? Icons are supposed to be the best of the best. Nothing wrong with wanting them to be less saturated.

  37. Yeah, there’s quite a big issue. Most of them would be unattainable to the casual player base, not everyone grinds the game 24/7

  38. Can you get the upgraded heroes in upgrade packs such as the 5x 75+ Gold Rare packs or the 85+ x3 packs?

  39. Yeah I’ve just packed Milito in an 85+x3

  40. It depends on whether he suits your playstyle or not. I unfortunately got his prime and hate the guy. He is tall and clunky midfielder. I personally hate using players like that in midfield cause in bad gameplay it's a nightmare for me. I also tried him as a striker, but would much rather just have a gold CR7 in there. Maybe top players can utilise him successfully but to me he wastes a spot in my team, as there are a lot of cheaper options that just do the job better.

  41. Yeah I’ve used a card of his in the past and my only complaint was how slow he felt turning, but the PIM got a big boost on agility and balance so I’m thinking he won’t feel as clunky

  42. Making the game the most fun it's been all year for me. His finishing is top top drawer and he's so unique. He's very mobile with the boosts for his size. Unless you play at pro/close to pro level he can absolutely be a viable, fun and also very effective option. I've played around 15 games with him so far. He's got 20 goals and around 8 assists. All in rivals (div 3 because I barely play it) and champs qualifiers (6-0). It maybe he's still got that new exciting feel which will fade but I've always liked unique cards and he's definitely that.

  43. Yeah that’s what I’m wanting, a unique card. Pretty bored of my team and I’m nowhere near pro level so there’s no issue there haha. Thanks mate

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