1. I hate this scene so much. Obvious commercial that took way too long. From a show like bb you'd expect they wouldn't have to rely on commercials for financing.

  2. I see all the comments about professional sports and such. I think BJJ as a hobbyist culture has a lot of juicing. I don't know how it compares to other physical activities, but I know of a ton of hobbyists with minimal competitive goals that are doing something beyond prescribed therapies according to medical industry recommended norms.

  3. “Doing something beyond prescribed therapies according to medical industry recommended norms” is how Danaher would say someone is doing steroids

  4. Yea. He was trying to get the kid away from trouble, not realizing the kid is the trouble.

  5. I could very well be wrong, but this video looks incredibly staged

  6. Right? I thought it was awesome! I believe a sequel is on the way as well.

  7. You're right, there is, what good news. I read somewhere that movie takes place in the John Wick universe, maybe there will be some kind of connection there

  8. That reminds me. Another “nobody” line that’s related to all this. John Wick (like you said in the same universe as nobody) has a part where Viggo says to his son “It’s not what you did son that angers me so, it’s who you did it to. Who? The fuckin nobody? That fuckin nobody is John Wick”

  9. Better Call Saul has a higher quality in terms of characters (everyone is loveable), cinematography, characters introspective...

  10. I’m primarily referring to Los Angeles here. Awful traffic, ridiculous living expenses, taxes off the charts, massive homeless population that isn’t receiving aid, high crime rates, and a lot of disgusting beaches with dirt and trash everywhere.

  11. Is this a serious question? Who doesn’t change socks daily?

  12. I liked her too, but it wasn't beneficial for Walt and his plan. She was stealing Jesse from Walt, so daddy Walt got angy. I found her cool but I'm glad she died off she was starting to annoy me haha.

  13. She also threatened to snitch on/expose Walt which doesn’t seem like a wise thing to do to a drug kingpin

  14. I thought the bottom one was iron man for a split second. Take my upvote!

  15. Honestly every scene with Kim’s Florida husband, but the “yep” scene takes the cake.

  16. I think Howard and Papa Varga are the only ones who deserves to be at the top tbh.

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