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  1. Cause he was plumb as anything !!!

  2. What are you talking about? Playing the london is not normal at all, op should be separated from society so that he can't project his views on the london on other people Guys please don't encourage people like this who think it's ok to play the london

  3. Oh you're in for absolutely mind boggling ride !!

  4. Accha hua bapu ko palatne ko nahi bola, kyunki udhar to bapu english batsmen rakhte hai na

  5. You are not hallucinating, you are spot on. It is Pumped Up Kicks cover in old Anglo saxon.

  6. What actually happened to Unmukt Chand? He seemed very promising and was a captain of U-19 cricket team, but he seemed to go nowhere. What’s he doing now?

  7. Brett Lee got him all stumps flying on first delivery of the entire 2012 ipl season, and it just went downhill for the guy from there. Now he's in America, also plays for Renegades in big bash league

  8. Lee hi tha bhai, Morkel was Chand's team mate in DD at that time

  9. For the community which claims of being marginalized and targeted their whole lives, it's surprising how much of a dick they can be when it comes to orientations they don't understand.

  10. Why not both? Kansas can be our North America hq and half of Denmark can be our Europe branch

  11. Hell yea!!! We can invade Finland as well but it's always too damn cold

  12. scoffs pathetic, when I was your age, I was 200% heterosexual and 29.73425638% homosexual.

  13. It was sarcasm, dear. You be what you're, I was just joking

  14. It's like hitting puberty all over again but better, isn't it ? Been there, done that and it was amazing !! Enjoy and be proud

  15. As per my knowledge, it's the latest one, published in 2014, if I'm not wrong. The cover is gorgeous, the translation is up to date, so, just like me, if English isn't your first language, go for this one. Also, the cover is just gorgeous. Happy reading !

  16. राधे राधे ! बहोत खूबसूरत लिखाई ।

  17. I saw the first pic and was about to go all rambo on companies rainbowing everything for sells as we crave recognition and validation, but then I saw the other two pics as well. One- oh my God, that's so sweet of your brother and two- those glasses are gorgeous!!!

  18. I am bisexual: both attracted to my own gender, and attracted to genders distinct from my own.

  19. And also bi colours are sooo pretty !!

  20. All the best and happy running !!

  21. What do you mean by "Sleep is for the weak" ?

  22. Looks like many in today's chess don't enjoy a redemption arc! After watching Fabi's and Alireza's performances I am still not sure how can someone justify they are better opponents than Nepo

  23. CSK reeling against MI, at Wankhede, and crowd still going 'Dhoni Dhoni'. Best CSK moment of the year for me. It wasn't about cricket, it was just the love for our old man. Craze is unreal.

  24. Deserving trophy doesn't mean shit. We deserved in 2016 DC deserved in 2020 KXIP deserved in 2014 SRH deserved in 2018

  25. Yeah, SRH deserved 2018 when entire CSK camp was having season of a lifetime. Matlab kuch bhi

  26. Okayy I get it Jaddu will be there in 2023 and it would be great to see him back in yellow. Believe me friend I don't have anything against him,I love Jaddu, it is the management that pisses me off and I think Jaddu too was pissed. But.. if a player doesn't wants to continue with their franchise will the franchise really retain them against their will. I don't think so. It may not be in the rules but it's quite obvious.

  27. I think they will reach some mutual understanding. India cements has been running cricket teams for decades now and I think they can handle this better than us. Let's hope for the best and we'll get to know for sure around December 2022.

  28. The real question is, is he a good enough batter to hold a regular place? Hard to say when he played next to nothing in IPL

  29. When Raina departed before the season started in 2020, there were harsh words from the team owner himself. And it reflected in auction. Hope the same hasn't happened with Jadeja.

  30. Tbf the rumors were other way around that jaddu had forcibly given up the captaincy and the management was angry with him for that.

  31. Yes, Jaddu should be the next face of CSK and he has plenty left in him. The picture will be clear around December with mini auction coming, and I hope the "rift" ( if there is any) would have been amended then. CSK is not a team who gives up on their best players. God, how I hope so.

  32. Pehle captaincy se hataya , fir team se abhi ipl se . Something wrong i can feel it. Ms ne kaha hogya baaki match Mai bhi tujhe playing 11 nahi lenge toh jadega yaha kya aaram karna Mai apne ghar jaake aram karta hoon🤷

  33. Aur duniya gol nahi hai. Matlab kuch bhi fekega kya ? MS has nothing but supported Jaddu since 2012 when he came into CSK and Indian team. Dimag diya hai bhagwan to istemal bhi karlo bhai.

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