1. Straws Pulled at Random. Specifically the second half of the song. I don’t really know how to describe it. I feel this emotion that I don’t think has a word for it, at least in English.

  2. See my other comment here 👍 looking forward to the road to John Wick: Chapter 5, The Ballerina, The Continental, and the open-world Wick RPG — podcasts are great for keeping up on universes with many different projects in the works

  3. Wow — this is astonishing, an 11-year old app can't simply have a Satellite view button on Nav mode like Google Maps has had since 2008 — it's the one thing holding me back from jumping off Google Maps. C'mon Apple, you can do this!

  4. I love these old videos! This was the golden era of Mastodon for me. I saw them on this tour when they came to Toronto, at the Kool Haus I believe. The Mastodonrocks forums were also super active and full of excitement over Blood Mountain, and I remember specifically talking to the guy who shot these videos who was a close friend of the band if I recall correctly. Awesome dude, and he has tons of videos to check out if you're a fan of this one. A lot of the live footage on The Workhorse Chronicles was also provided by him and his wife.

  5. You and me both mate — I'll always love every Mastodon era unto itself, but for me that's the era :D Definitely tune into

  6. This is a Public service announcement about the dangers of taking expired quaaludes and posting on Reddit

  7. You could tell me that "The Warning" was performed by Danny's father (or a time traveling Danny himself, perhaps?) and I would believe you.

  8. Exact same impression I had! NSP might walk and talk like a comedy act, but it is a rock solid prog rock band at it's heart

  9. Blood Mountain has been my favorite album by Mastodon since the first time I listened to it, and likely always will be. You've already listened to my other two favorites (Crack the Skye and Hushed and Grimm).

  10. I find the concept of "going vegan for x days" as like a fun challenge very offensive. Being vegan is something you do because you genuinely care about social justice.

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