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  1. There is some pretty strong theory that something about us terrifies them. I know Ingo Swann, a famous psychic that worked for SRI and the CIA, was a proponent of this theory. Without looking it up, I believe it revolves around our untapped ability to access different levels of consciousness. In the religious context, we are made in “Gods image”, so we may be more powerful in the grand narrative than we understand, also our God that we were made after could also be a bad mofo they want no parts of.

  2. I’m pretty sure you’ve smites yourself by coming such a nerd in sheep’s clothing. You aren’t pissing anyone off. P.S. your dad loves you

  3. Yea he was real… that’s it… He ain’t a god or anything. He’s just a person and he won’t solve your problems.

  4. God is real. Aliens aren’t what we think they are as in creatures from another planet. They are dimensional beings from what we call and perceive as heaven. Angels etc… it’s more complex then we will ever comprehend.

  5. The truth would shake atheists to their core. That's why most try to close themselves off to the possibility of other dimensions and the spirit realm. They don't want it to be true because it ultimately leads to accountability, conviction and repentance.

  6. I didn't start using marijuana regularly until I was in my 30's, but that was my first moment of contact with what I could only describe as an "entity". So yeah, it was pretty eye-opening. It wasn't just a one-time experience, either, I was in contact with it for several years, on and off. It was most intense when I was high, but it happened while sober as well.

  7. Trickster’s that come from the ground and smell like sulfur. demons Aliens

  8. I’ve had similar deja-vu like, inarticulate thoughts/feelings…..there’s definitely a veil.

  9. Interesting you say he works in a mental illness ward. The CIA have used safe houses or hospitals as fronts to lure citizens, when instead they would perform their tests (ie mk ultra) . While this won't really have an effect on my day to day, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a CIA operation.

  10. Tbh I get the same vibes… how can we trust a guy who lacks the self awareness to see how bad that looks

  11. Pure contrived fantasy hogwash. Simply not even remotely close. I’m all for discourse, however this isn’t a creative writing assignment in college. This is a black abyss of subterfuge of which none of us have clarity on. Read Operation Trojan Horse and get back me……

  12. Imagine having an enemy that can disappear at will, has incredibly high levels of technology and not only abducts your citizens but also sometimes mutilates and murders them. You have no defense against this enemy, there is nothing you can do to stop them. You have to decide what price are you willing to pay with the world to get your hands on the technology. For 75 years, people have paid the price, with lies, cover-ups, kidnappings, threats and even murder. You have to decide if you want to know the terrifying truth or to remain in ignorance for your own sanity. This is the price you pay to know that there is nothing you can do about it.

  13. But based on what Information exactly? Because some Aliens said so? What could be irrefutable proof for that claim?

  14. Bingo. Random, hard to even grasp or validate ET experiences where these altruistic aliens just want to help us bc they created us 🤥, doesn’t resonate with me. Compared with the cornucopia of religious text, experiences and anecdotes and actual history……I’ll die on the latter hill, with humanity and a message of love…..

  15. I’m thinking dimensional shift as the sulfur smell is also noted with poltergeist, demons etc So many different odd occurebxies have tnay smell It’s like they accidental traverse dimensions or multiverse when we see or smell them

  16. Probably. They will be something along the lines of: Too bad this is the end, but at least I didn't waste my one and only actual life afraid of imaginary monsters like witches and demons and trying to please a narcissist toddler deity. That would have been pathetic.

  17. Your attitude is pathetic. Reeks of a some serious pain and mistrust on your part. Bashing spirituality won’t fill that gaping void you feel. Looking inward and recognizing the source of your hurt will.

  18. You seem to be projecting your own fear of death and unhappiness onto others. Good luck with that, though, I wish you well.

  19. Fox is akin to gouging one’s eyes out. Partisan dick measuring aside, why is the such a paucity of intellect sans Hannity who wields his in a homo erotic/sycophantic purge. These people are hollow and simple.

  20. Firelands is trash and run by even trashier people (Bob Stark & Co. Crocker Park Crooks)

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