1. Got 2 for 90 bucks last year and they jam 😢

  2. Kirst will do a conversion in 45 colt for you, but I don’t think they normally offer an ejector rod for the Walker, but you could ask them and see. They are pretty expensive though

  3. Are these dealers just using the same stock image for multiple pistols/calibers? Happens sometimes

  4. Very cool pistol OP. They can’t all stay original, nothing wrong with a little personality

  5. Just adding as a rule of thumb because you said it’s your first one; 1911s work best when they are well lubricated

  6. Curious to know what gives it away as male

  7. If it could be something going on with the recoil springs or bolt carrier, I wouldn’t shoot it unless you’re sure it is just the charging handle.

  8. Also are you sure you have all inch pattern parts?

  9. “I don’t need no ammo I’m just gonna flash it and scare em!”

  10. That is super weird. I’ve had good luck scrubbing with bleach and a toothbrush when it comes to normal cleaning so maybe try that. I’ve also heard of people using toothpaste to clean bones, but haven’t tried it myself yet. Not sure why it would turn black like that.

  11. Hard to tell, especially on a colt. Colt’s factory engraved limited edition runs usually do not have engraving on the frame, so I would think it’s safe to say it’s custom.

  12. You can find them new around that price and without a weird finish. I would be a big pass from me

  13. Red earred slider, a very prolific and, in some countries, invasive species.

  14. Yep, more accurate with this than any other pistol I’ve owned

  15. Is it just me or is the barrel bushing misaligned or bent in the first pic? Definitely not parallel with the barrel crown.

  16. It is slightly bent. Got it with a bunch of chromed GI parts

  17. Anyone know if the sight is ACTUALLY 2 different apertures and not just the same hole on both of them?

  18. Looks more like a spiller and burr revolver

  19. iirc standard manufacturing are on the higher end. I’d love to have one of their color case hardened models

  20. I think most of them they build when they’re ordered, you might contact them and see how long the wait times are for building.

  21. Everything is cool except the cringe rail grips

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