1. Feelsbadman when I'm still waiting on my mini

  2. Keepretro seems to be selling them for $80 minimum these days, I miss the $55 prices

  3. Let us know if it actually sees any of your games on MicroSD. This has seemingly been a recurring issue.

  4. I guess ignore that long post, since it looks like there's really no way to force their emulationstation image to scan for games

  5. No worries. I really planned on checking out how things were progressing after the first of the year. Seems a lot of people came to the place you (and I) got to where the Deck handles a lot of their needs esp for emulation. It's a great device for the money. But when I don't want to tote it around, I still have the OGS, XP Plus and a couple of other machines for light gaming.

  6. A new Ubuntu + EmulationStation image was made available, however after flashing that and rebooting with my game-loaded SD card, it's still not seeing the games. Wonderful times we live in.

  7. The entire thread about Proton is a red-herring. It works fine with the default Proton, the issue is the controls and the fact the original PC version was M/Kb only. I customized the controls so the right stick was basically the mouse, and also inverted the Y-axis (which I usually do anyway) and then mapped the left controller to the default keys to move fwd/back etc.

  8. The small patch should be a thermal adhesive if you install another NVMe drive. The screw is also for if you add an additional NVMe drive. The System76 support page has a lot of resources if you're getting started:

  9. Yeah it’s a real nice game did some footage of it when it came out

  10. Thank you for giving us new addictions my good sir.

  11. How did the rice end up going? Did you add an update post?

  12. Not really much to update, I just mess around with it playing minesweeper

  13. Glorious use of it nonetheless. I may eventually rice my Paperwhite when I get my PineNote to replace it.

  14. No problem. Pico-8 is so amazing. My kids honestly only play their Nintendo Switch and Pico-8 games.... and Minecraft

  15. As the Steam Deck has a far larger software community surrounding it, I think I'll stick with it through a multitude of generations

  16. If you go into Gadget bridge and set Tidal to your preferred music player, does it show up then?

  17. What kind of battery life are you seeing on 1.11? I lost mine in a move a while ago and just now found it. Updating soon.

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