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  1. Everyone is different, I personally find distillate better. I’ll get downvoted for saying this but buy whatever is best for you.

  2. Yea I've had that happen a few times as well. I had pressed some Sour Blue Diesel once that was like 24% and I didn't get much from it at all, maybe a 10% return.. Every once in a while you'll get those strains that just don't have the right moisture content to produce much, regardless of the hydro packs..

  3. Same here, it’s always like someone is shoving “terps are better” down your throat in the comments, followed by downvotes. I’ve never seen it be an issue in here or on any cannabis sub until the last couple of months.

  4. It's been this way for awhile. It's almost like your opinion is void if you don't agree with the bullshit. This "terps are everything" bullshit sounds more like a way to shovel off lower potency stuff on people. You will get downvoted for simply saying you want a higher thc flower...thats an opinion that's all it is. Flavor and smell do not equal potency. All things add up in the end. I would never buy something just because I thought it might taste good tho. I'll cook up a steak and stare at a rainbow if those are my only concerns.

  5. Yep, almost makes you keep your mouth shut at the dispensary’s or your friends to avoid getting lectured and belittled. Personally I’ve tried a lot of LR in the program and it doesn’t hit as hard as distillate. Everyone is different and we need different things.

  6. If they weren’t aloud to worship, cool. I get it, it’s a school. No place for a religion. But to step on your students hands for 2+ seconds, without a “sorry”. I guess the “i believe in Jesus” was another way of saying “idgaf what you are get out my way”. How hard did she have to drag her leg through his head and ram her shin to push through smh.

  7. Better off buying reps, older pairs are known to crack and have crumbling soles.

  8. Probably have it turned off atm because people have already glitched Orion/poly in custom games. They seen it coming with all the early bugs that came with a fresh game.

  9. Man I had went to this shady ass “restaurant” for a pick which ended up being a dark apartment building in the hood. Too which I contacted support immediately, sent a picture, and said there wasn’t even a suite # attached to the pickup. Just a general address. I ask to be compensated for half pay manually which they’ve had no issue doing and have done handfuls of times.

  10. Lol some ratchie running a ghost kitchen out of their apartment, love it!

  11. Are they even real half the time? Seems like a good way to scam people for a day or two before getting caught.

  12. Keep cherry picking!!!! It is the way!!!

  13. Imagine he completely missed and covered a random, then got knocked out LMAO

  14. The Indian support reps do not give af about your gate unfortunately…

  15. Is it possible to fluctuate between all these? I feel like i'm all over the place.

  16. 100%. Some days I’m on 125+ and others I’m on 500+.

  17. Right lmao. Some dude in the comments gonna be like “but the terps make it more potent and powerful”. At 8%? Gtfo.

  18. Don’t diss Bailey I have one of his drawings tatted 🫶🏾

  19. I had an apple pie cart from farmaceutical fx or whatever and the taste was so nasty and it burned my throat. I've not bought a ton of carts before tbh. I usually buy klutch motorbreath. It tastes amazing imo and like actual bud too. I personally suffered through the apple pie cart because I couldn't afford to toss it out. Plus as far as I know refunds are not happening unfortunately. Not even exchanges. Which is crazy but the streets are the same way

  20. I had the same cart. Posted a review on my profile. It’s 10/10 for me. Seems like you got a bad one.

  21. “Select the “meet at door” option next time bud”. Idk where the customer is but its currently 38 Fahrenheit where I’m at and there’s NO WAY I’m leaving my already over priced DD wingstop at my front door. Seems like an excuse to get some free food. Not on my watch lol.

  22. Honestly lol, I’ve been to three different dealers in my city to avoid dispensary prices, and they have sold me Reggie every single time.

  23. Some days I’m on 150, and others I’m on 400. Honestly depends.

  24. You can still get the cash but can’t level your guns through drop bins or buy stations anymore

  25. No it’s not hot fixed. 2:39pm EST still on buy station now with 2xp token. Lvl 1-30 in 5 minutes.

  26. Sorry? I tested both plates and munitions and both did not work.

  27. Idk what you’re doing then. Plates are 5xp. You need a keyboard to spam it.

  28. Real shit when I see a spider I act like I don’t. Little guys eat all the nasty insects you don’t want around. They are more scared of you than you are.

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