10-K - A Securities Lawyer's Take on Updated DRS Wording

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Lawyer ape here. Something doesn't smell right.... Let's do some critical reading of the 10-K

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  1. I think they want to know if say computershare has 84 million shares and gamestop is told to not report 84 million by the SEC.

  2. Why do you think the number should be 84M? It just means the bot is off. The bot has been off numerous times and has been changed to fit the data in the past.

  3. The point is not the number. "if say computershare has 60 million shares and gamestop is told to not report 60 million by the SEC. " and the question would remain the same.

  4. We know 100% that this data is from GameStop's books, which are maintained by Computershare. There is zero reason to speculate and believe the SEC told them anything or that the DTCC reported any number to them.

  5. Thank you for clearing up what is otherwise an inane theory.

  6. That is true only if you have registered an objection with your broker to the release of your name, contact info, and shareholding to issuers. The default, a NOBO or Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner is the more common setup. In that case your name and info is avaialabke to Gamestop via the NOBO report by Broadridge (aka Proxyvote). That is the same list used to send out proxies to beneficial owners (people that hold shares at brokers).

  7. Look at you getting downvoted for saying a factual statement.

  8. The data source is their own books. That's the only location they would have knowledge of the number of direct registered holders.

  9. Nah…. It’s week over week data is that most important….. it’s incredible how MSM can move the goalposts to fit their agenda.

  10. Day over day data is what matters.

  11. Do you guys genuinely not know what the word approximately means?

  12. Sure, it has always been an approximate number, you are correct.

  13. The number in the 10K is from Computershare.

  14. For me, nothing matches the wizardry and earnestness of This Old House. It was much more about the craftsmanship and the actual work than it was about prices and "dream home" crap.

  15. Buying snow tires is a heck of a lot cheaper than selling your house.

  16. Looks like we still have a 50% drop coming to meet up with inflation.

  17. Don't expect this sub to actually look at what they're posting.

  18. Wait until everyone finds out that AMC isn't the one that gets to keep the box office gross, especially on brand new blockbuster releases.

  19. It's a bad idea. What do you do when you rent your shiny brand new RV and it is totaled on the first trip and then find out you didn't take every precaution and now you're either out money, out an RV or have a ton of lost income due to damage?

  20. Consider locating a modular home supplier that builds to spec, but within a certain size envelope and with fairly standard finishes. I'm seeing around $130 psf on the low end, not including site work, lot, foundation, utilities etc. Those costs of course are highly dependent on where you are. You could certainly be in around $200-250 psf all in if you do some of the GC work yourself.

  21. International shipping is extremely expensive and many of the items that GameStop sells (games and collectables) have restrictions from being sold and distributed outside of their approved markets. A product might have warning labels for the US market, but not meet EU labeling requirements for example. A game might have a US content rating, but not have the EU equivalent... etc.

  22. The engine is still running. Tip it over and drive away.

  23. Just hold down the left joystick and it should flip back over.

  24. Is it bad that I know exactly where this is?

  25. When Credit Suisse's CDS number started to rise around 4 months ago, I suddenly had a very hard time finding anywhere that actually had the chart. Searching for their CDS was page after page talking about how it had gone up, but not any pages that had the actual chart.

  26. Look I get the sentiment, but these property valuations can actually be ridiculous. My county says my house is worth almost $100k MORE as of Jan 1st than I paid for it. I closed literally two days before that.

  27. File a challenge. Their assessment doesn't match the actual market value.

  28. I agree this plan would only be feasible with smaller, rectilinear homes. I'm thinking 1 - 3 beds max. No mansions or or homes with crazy architectural elements.

  29. Look at Modular Homes. You do the site work, foundation all that. They come and drop down a mostly finished home. You make the final connections to electrical, water, sewer etc.

  30. For the first time, just over 15% of consumers who financed a new car in the fourth quarter of 2022 committed to a monthly payment of $1,000 or more.

  31. They still shave your back for a nickel in Albuquerque.

  32. I'll give you a $1 mortgage for 0% interest. $1000 in closing costs however.

  33. If you don't pay property tax the government will put a lien on your home...not sell it and keep 100% of the value of it. Jeez.

  34. Now you know who you were competing against.

  35. Wait. It wasn't regular people with their $1200 stimulus money like we were led to believe?

  36. "Intent to use" not "proof of use," if I remember correctly

  37. After you use it, you do need to provide proof that you did use it. The intent to use was just so they could get an extension before needing to provide proof of use.

  38. What? I doubt that review is true, but what you're saying is clearly unethical.

  39. Actually the next option is for the short hedge funds or a bank with short swaps to make an offer to purchase the company in whole. They could make a realistic offer of 10B ($33 per share) for the company and the board would need to entertain that offer and shareholders may need to vote. It of course would not be accepted. This gives them a hard dollar amount that they could close their positions for.

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