1. I have read through documents, instructions, and posts but cannot find a definitive answer for filing an amnesty eform 1 as an individual who also has an ffl.

  2. After further research it seems the only reason the ffl box is there is if an ffl is in possession of a braced firearm and they want to register that as an nfa item instead of removing the brace AND they don’t have an sot. So not clear why this shows up when you click individual as the registrant type.

  3. Even if 75% of preorders cancel, 25% would be a year and a half wait.

  4. Just wait on new pricing. 90% will cancel. Plenty of people were just buying reservations to sell them but Tesla has since cracked down on that. I imagine that’s at least 10%

  5. You don’t think they could sell that much in a year or produce wise?

  6. Indiana already does this. I believe it’s $350 a year

  7. I understand and think there will still be above 200k reservations after the mass cancellations, but it doesn’t equal 1-1.5 million. Let me make it easy for you: 200-400k reservations after cancellations.

  8. Not resolved and basically stuck with it as it’s an NFA item. Keltec sucks.

  9. If that’s tru then the 500+ mile range is bs.

  10. Frankly, those are not good prices for online right now. You can go to ammoseek and find everything on that list for less with free shipping. Online is cutthroat.

  11. Sent mine back to SW after 2 outings with similar issues with both Federal and FN ammo. SW reports no issues and sending it back without any changes. They say it takes 300 rounds to break in which is typical for their pistols. Prolly be my first and last SW for me.

  12. Yeah fuck that. There’s no “break in” with glock or sig that’s a bs excuse

  13. Does the m-carbo mount create problems returning to zero? Is this route better than the red lion precision handguard?

  14. Not sure why you wouldn’t want the slide comp?

  15. 1: decent bit of flash when shooting in low light

  16. I guess I didn’t realize how many people are shooting these things in the dark. It’s never bothered me and I like the reduced recoil. At least there’s options.

  17. Why bother? She’s going to do it again.

  18. What’s your point? Trading in a car is always a huge financial mistake / loss.

  19. I’d second this. They’re falling in price but this is long range dual motor setup that looks bad ass.

  20. This post is flooded with morons who just see model 3 and think they’re all the same. Show me a LR awd with FSD sitting at 25k. That’s 10k without fsd. Come on smart folk what school for idiots did you guys all go to?

  21. 10k without FSD? If you’re a moron that believes FSD is worth 15k then sure 10k without FSD, but 98% of people don’t buy FSD because no one thinks it’s worth the 15k. Looks like you’re the only moron who believes FSD brings the the resell value of a Tesla up by 15k though lol. However his car has some nice mods and to the right seller he can 100% get a bit over 25k, but not a crazy amount higher

  22. It doesn’t matter what I think FSD is worth. That’s what it costs and it’s an option on the car. For the record I’d never buy it.

  23. Yes, the reddit support person was able to get this resolved in what I would consider a fairly quick manner. Why has it taken me over a month to try to get it resolved through their expected support channels?

  24. Can you share your ticket number please, and we can get this sorted

  25. The cameras are pieces of trash. I am going to have to send the doorbell back. I have had problems with every abode camera. I use a separate system for cameras.

  26. I had an alarm going off for 40 seconds and there was no call. They wait at least 1 minute.

  27. https://giphy.com/gifs/hhnpSxCjyXzHy

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