1. There is a recent SN who went to see David whose curve is in the bust area.

  2. Does this mean that the SN didn’t have lower body curve or that they had double curve? Either way, would accommodating for upper width also take care of their upper curve or was the width elsewhere? Or is this just an instance of ID not equaling accommodations?

  3. do your body parts look like they were stolen from several different corpses and stapled together by a mad scientist?? then congrats, you have GAMINE JUXTAPOSITION!! we’re all so jealous of the way your yin nose and yang eyes CONTRAST each other 😻 or you might even have one yang eye and one yin eye—we don’t judge! have fun looking in the mirror and thinking about how some random person said your proportions and features do not go together to justify a physical aspect that has NOTHING to do with your kibbe type’s accommodations, you spitfire chic and cheeky chic lovelies!!

  4. R was always my initial instinct! My reddit typing post a year ago was almost unanimous as well, so I luckily didn't have to go through that feeling that most people get of thinking they don't see themselves in the way other people do. Recently, I've been considering TR since I have slight sharpness in random places (cheekbones, elbows, shins, lmao) and possible Kibbe petite, but I'm honestly too scared to label myself that due to the attitude surrounding the ID. Regardless, I don't think I suit highly ornate looks, so I'll happily stick with R!

  5. i wonder if she’s also blocking people on this thread, bc i didn’t interact with those posts and i can’t see them at all anymore

  6. Well everyone knows that as you go up the yang scale you slowly turn into a linebacker.

  7. i wanted to link the screenshot of david saying you could be “90 lbs soaking wet and still be a natural” but i was not ready for any accusations of logical fallacies or strawmans or whatever other AP English term was gonna be thrown at me

  8. Is this from Forever 21? I have a photo me trying one on that looked exactly like it, but it was taken all the way back in March 2020. It would be so interesting if they’re still selling it!

  9. My favorite outfit on you is the turtleneck + jeans! In terms of accommodating for curve, I think some of your pieces (like the yellow peplum or the black grid pants) would be more flattering if they emphasized your natural waist. The ones I mentioned seem to fall either above or below, but the waist of pink pants hit you perfectly in my opinion!

  10. Hi, I know you mean well, but I’m pretty sure ID correcting is against the rules since I didn’t ask to be typed on this post. To me, your comment implies that you don’t think I’m yin enough to be a Romantic, even though I stated in my caption that I’m very comfortable and happy IDing as one. I spent a very long time dressing in SC, FG, and SG lines before my Kibbe journey and they did not work for me.

  11. Hi everybody! Guess who's back after a year and finally has enough karma to post here? ME! Thank you to all the

  12. Quo Beauty is a Shoppers Drug Mart brand that has a dupe for the Cloud Paint called the "Featherweight Cream Blush"! I'm not from Canada, but I've seen it used on Canadian MUA Julia Adam's Youtube channel and she seemed to think the formulations were similar. Seems like the brand has dupes a lot of other clean/easy makeup items that are trendy these days as well :-)

  13. She's unverified, but I have been so in love

  14. This post with info directly from David

  15. I personally think a box doesn't come with enough for more than 1-2 people, but I'm currently obsessed with the Mini Chicken Tikka Samosas!

  16. guys, i know what you’re thinking–obvious width. but it’s from OVERPROVING! her inner structure is light and airy and falls apart in one bite. also the swirled dough and dark chocolate filling imply some sort of drama, but it’s obvious she’s totally yin and full of curvaceous roundness and feminine beauty. i mean, just look at how petite she is next to my hulkingly vertical, wide, yang-dominant skull

  17. The regular buffalo chicken dip has been gone for three weeks now, and the shelves have been perpetually overstocked with the vegan version instead :-(

  18. Something I noticed recently are that many people who have been making type me posts have already made 1 or 2 in the past. It’s like they won’t back down until someone finally comments the image ID they want to hear, even if it’s not accurate.

  19. Idk which types I’d give them but I think my faves on you is that long navy dress in 2 and the green dress in 6! It could be cause of the colors though, but they make you shine!

  20. thank you so much! i love the navy dress too! the green one is more for professional settings, but the neckline and sleeves aren't really my favorite. and i definitely agree that i look better in hair and clothing colors that contrast with my skin tone!

  21. Love the color red on you 😍 idk about the garments but I’ll look at the natural and gamine families first if I was you (don’t take people’s opinions too strictly since only you know your body best, just an advice).

  22. thank you!! could tell me what drew you to the natural and gamine families for me rather than romantic? i'm not sure which of my features, if any, come off as yang and not yin.

  23. they all look so pretty but yoon's outfit is my fav!! <3

  24. I use the no7 Stay Perfect Mascara! It's a tubing mascara with a plastic wand, so pretty similar to the Glossier one in both effect and formula in my opinion. I have super oily eyelids and it never flakes or smudges on me. They sell it at Target for around $9!

  25. I think I’m the only one here that thinks you’re a gamine

  26. it’s interesting to hear a different perspective! what makes you say that?

  27. I would also consider Soft Natural, but my first guess would be Romantic

  28. thank you! could you tell me what makes you think romantic first and soft natural second?

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