Vad består resten av svenska lantchips av om potatis är 71,8%?

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  1. Why didn’t horses come with cottage living? My second pet? Or even cats and dogs? Why do more features/gameplay have to be split up into multiple DLC’s I don’t get it and I don’t get the positive support/gullibility.

  2. the part when ronal has a whole conversation with a whale was funny for no reason

  3. She's unhealthily thin and her clothes STILL look too small.

  4. hmmm I do believe kim has disordered symptoms but i wouldn’t say she’s unhealthily thin. I’m her height and look smaller but i’m a healthy bmi, it could be the big hips that are throwing me off but still im a curvaceous gorl

  5. Its not fake, but can be unreliable at times especially for people with a lot of muscle. Though it’s pretty much used by all doctors and is a simple tool, it’s not the best accuracy but you get an idea of your health.

  6. I mean….why did this guy go looking for trouble and attention, got it, and somehow everyone else is in the wrong? I find this more of a FAFO moment.

  7. freedom of speech is a thing in sweden, y’know

  8. They’re just plain ugly to me. Especially compared to his first movie haircuts. Feels like a huge downgrade.

  9. i dont have any problem with the dreads but i think his hair in the first movie suited him and his character a lot more, maybe i’m over analyzing but thats my opinion

  10. Babies look like angry old men until they're 5 months or so.

  11. It’s funnier in my headcanon if this shit-pit is consuming local wildlife though

  12. bro i seriously thought a rabbit fell in with him

  13. I saw this tiktok today and I saw a video showing people how old they were in 2016 for some reason. Unfortunately I saw multiple comments of people saying that they weren't alive then.

  14. i refuse to believe people were born after 2010

  15. In sweden it’s the third year in a row where the biggest factory have had to kill ~150-200.000. And we’re a pretty small country. So I’m guessing US numbers are pretty immense..

  16. hi, fellow swede here. i can’t seem to find these plant based eggs anywhere in stores or online. do you have any ideas as to where to look?

  17. Inte sett det märket någonstans. Men har stött på liknande produkter på kanske Goodstore och stora mataffärer. Äggersättning för bak finns mest överallt annars finns det vegansk scrambled eggs-mix du blandar med vatten och kanske tofu.

  18. oh god my family is west asian and when I visit my home country most public bathrooms and some old houses only have squatting toilets, they’re very uncomfortable and usually stink too (the public ones are the worst)

  19. what the hell is this comment? delete it

  20. OMG grade 8 was the start for me too. We had to track our calories and do presentations on EDs

  21. Not that low. It happens often for me but only because one Mii is so weird and always falls in love with people that are already in a relationship

  22. I have one of those miis, he’s still trying to get a date with a happily married woman

  23. the exact same thing happened to me, had my sim pick random sample and boom her daughter came out at werewolf/human hybrid

  24. donut worry, I have no kids, but D cups and this will never work on me either so you're not alone :)

  25. F cup here, wish i could wear these kind of tops without back pain

  26. we once brought my baby girl to a fishing trip where we grilled some sausages and she just flopped next to the fireplace, she likes the warmth <3

  27. sorry to break it to ya but our law system here isn’t uh… the best so i doubt reporting this would do anything really

  28. i got the ketu dragon but with a lightning trait and it looks very cool

  29. such sophisticated grouchy grinches, send them lots of love from me <3

  30. I've never seen a hot spring irl, but are they really over 100°C?

  31. at 100c water starts boiling which means that if you were to enter, you are going to literally boil alive, so no. Probably not.

  32. i know but the comment i replied to literally said 100C lol

  33. speaking as an ex Muslim, this couldn't be further from the truth LOL, Liberal reddit is insane, ig Muslims LOVE lgbtq and give women rights everywhere too huh 😭

  34. It's funny how everytime the Landgraabs get new family additions, there's always atleast 1 kid with a skin so dark there's no way Nancy ain't cheating.

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