1. I can relate to this but to be honest you can always come back from a glow down. Sure, it mightn’t last permanently and your appearance could very well fluctuate between ‘glow up’ and ‘glow down’ but ultimately you have the power to elevate your appearance in many ways if you really want. Take the time every now and then to re-inspire yourself whether that’s through Pinterest, magazines, people watching out and about, art, YouTube videos etc. Use this inspiration to your advantage and apply it to yourself. Sure, having nice skin and fewer wrinkles tends to be pushed as the ‘ideal’ and all but what really makes the difference are the things you do to express yourself. Experimenting with your clothes, makeup looks, jewellery, hairstyles, the way you carry yourself, beauty products, fragrances and more. Sometimes something as simple as having your nails done can make a bigger difference than you realise - both in how it elevates your appearance and the way in which you feel yourself, mentally speaking. I say all this knowing from what you have written that you struggle with poor mental health, sleep deprivation etc and so do I. However, I can say for sure that no matter how bad I glow down, I always manage to dig myself out of the trenches with a glow up. You’re very much capable of it. Try your best not to feel too disheartened if you find yourself glowing up for even just a week or two and then slipping down for a period of time. From an aesthetic point of view, nobody is ever really looking the highest version of themselves on the daily. I feel like for the most part we’re all looking a lil rough around the edges.. even the people who society deems as most attractive.

  2. I so badly want to say cum squat whenever I read or use this word

  3. This isn’t supposed to come across as disrespectful at all, just curious: do we know if she suffers from any mental illnesses? I especially am asking as I have seen many photos of Rachel but the photo that they’re choosing to use looks very different in which she almost looks a little deranged and ill. I wonder why they chose this particular photo - I personally find it interesting.

  4. She was not ill just a little goofy and had a quirky personality. think she’s just making a face here but I’m not sure why they chose that pic… maybe the most recent one of her?

  5. Ah that would make sense! Maybe it is the most recent photo too then.

  6. I’m surprised nobody has suggested this but I always pierce one or more holes in the lid of the jar with a knife when I can’t open it. It lets some air out and I can twist the lid open easily then!

  7. Stop bang in the centre, take off all my clothes and flail my arms about.

  8. Licking and sucking a lollipop or popsicle makes you look kinda naughty I suppose

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