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  1. I think it's better to write it down, and follow it. The problem with video is that you have to pause every time you do the steps.

  2. As far as i remember you are talking about the episode in which heiji is also involved. The old master hides the body of his student's mother and tries to hide the blood stains on the mat with glass showcases which contain idols in four corners of the room

  3. Is ur wife muslim?. If yes then the first thing that both of you should do is Nikah. Since u have reverted to islam and ur wife is muslim. May Allah increase u in iman. Ameen.

  4. I forgot the name but, the son of the famous pianist who killed everyone Involved in his fathers death disguised as a woman.

  5. APTX 4869 is a pun on "Sherlock Holmes". 4869 can also be pronounced "Shi-Ya-Ro-Ku" (シャロク Sharoku), which translates into Sherlock. APTX stands for Apotoxin.

  6. I have exactly the same problem, glad u asked. My cycle repeats from programming to cloud to web dev and this is repeating from the last 3 years now that I realised it's really depressing. Now that the placements have started I don't have any one particular field that I expertise in. Currently I'm in a position of 'Jack of all master of none'.

  7. Read all chapters till 1099, but I'm not able to find english translation of ch 1100. any website you recommend?

  8. Where do I watch it? I can’t find it anywhere

  9. Diplomatic murder case, Chinatown Deja Vu in the Rain, A June Bride Murder Case

  10. Not sure about how near is qiyama, but your death is surely near and certain, so prepare for it and leave everything to Allah.

  11. I also reject a lot of legends around jinns that I hear from people around me(like humans marrying Jin/Jinni). I only believe the stories mentioned in the Quran and Sahih Hadith. because I have no other way of verifying if that particular incident is true or not

  12. I love the round face of conan rather than today's triangular one.

  13. More reason why the show should have only been five seasons not to say I don’t like modern episodes but they lack the atmosphere

  14. Exactly old episodes were dark perfect for a detective show, also opening songs had that detective vibe in them. Modern op's are mostly focused on shinichi Ran love story.

  15. If that person is muslim then say Bismillah before eating the meat.

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