1. That is NOT how bottom surgery works. Jesus H Christ. 😵

  2. This feels like gatekeeping in response to bigotry. We should not be fighting each other. Pansexuality is as valid as bisexuality just as trans masculine is as valid a term as nonbinary. People using their sexuality to invalidate's the same damn picture.

  3. I deadass thought that was a real shark before I realized it was Blahaj.

  4. Dunno if I'm allowed to link it but yeah that mod is based and it's a relatively trans friendly sub for a non-LGBT focused sub

  5. Virgo, I would say a few years to truly get over it but I blame my other placements for that..

  6. You know what? Fuck off with that "genetically nurturing" shit. And once you get to off, realize that you haven't fucked off quite hard enough and keep fucking.

  7. The left wing is so obsessed with hating on all men that it really makes me sad.

  8. Mercury in 12th is all I have for this one and yeah I feel like I'm being pulled apart everywhere at once but I can never get anything done lol

  9. The one on the right is like if Cindy Lou Who's dad became a dog and I love it

  10. LMAO, my wife cussed like a drunken sailor parking a Cadillac in a dog house .

  11. Okay but that scene where the two interns look down directly into the exposed core is one of the scariest scenes in any media I’ve ever seen

  12. An authentic vision of Hell if there really is one

  13. I'm printing this out and hanging it on my fridge 💀

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