1. I mean that's one of the core teams of ASOIAF, the rebirth and strengthening of magic. Sadly we may never see the series to completion.

  2. I would encourage you to try Elden Ring. I went in expecting something like Skyrim or BOTW, but it is something much different. The main focus of the game is the combat and building your character but exploring is also a big part of the game.

  3. Hi everyone, playing on Classic mode. I just lost Alfred in the middle of Chapter 3, is he actually gone or can I use him again in chapter 4?

  4. I know it'll never happen, but I'd love an open-world OoT remake with a real orchestra playing the score.

  5. Only a matter of time until an AI can automatically scale old games to something like Unreal Engine...

  6. Si leyéramos una descripción de esta realidad en un libro de ficción, la criticaríamos por inverosímil.

  7. Jajajajajaa esto hasta lo descartarian en El Deforma por demasiado increible

  8. Alv que pedo con Argentina? Alguien tiene mas contexto?

  9. No tenemos porque aquí no somos llorones

  10. You have FAANG in your resumé you have nothing to worry about. Companies will be throwing cash at you to hire you. It may not be as much as with FAANG or with the same benefits, but you will still be more well off than 90% of other engineers.

  11. Why can't I live in California ughh

  12. I say this as a nearly 2 decade fan of Fire Emblem, who loves pretty much every game I’ve played in it for one reason or another and will very likely love this game too -

  13. Path of Radiance was good in both. Radiant dawn too except for the new characters that wasn't as fleshed out.

  14. The only game that comes close in terms of quality and attention to detail is Elden Ring.

  15. How are their films received/regarded in Mexico?

  16. Guillermo del Toro is a national hero in here.

  17. From a purely aesthetic perspective, Congratulations.

  18. 2 viejitos perdidos y seniles

  19. Esta cabron que Biden le saca 11 a;os a AMLO, pero los 2 se ven igual de jodidos.

  20. Horror games become a lot scarier while high, the times I've played horror games while high have been totally crazy immersive, maybe not what some people consider a good time but I love to laugh at myself after being scared of something hahahaha

  21. Which horror games would you recommend? I have never played any

  22. What do you like to do while high?

  23. Kind of amazing that this book is younger than Skyrim lol

  24. She was done so dirty in the books. Jordan should just have killed her instead of fading her out.

  25. Thank you all for your responses.

  26. Why the hell do you have sunglasses? Is that possible without mods?

  27. I co-founded a startup with a couple that was in a romantic relationship. Worst. Mistake. Ever.

  28. LMAO. Please keep doing this the office x WOT mashups.

  29. There's a bunch from before as well if you check my submitted...

  30. Makes sense that Rand would dress as the joker. You know because of the crazy stuff.

  31. Te mamaste, chingos de gracias

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