1. Blocking the other teams best pass rusher with a tightend was certainly a choice, Kyle.

  2. I genuinely have no clue why I’m supposed to care about Cody vs Roman after that ending with Sami.

  3. Split the titles, have Cody win the WWE title and Sami the Universal. Simples.

  4. You sure? I’ve him on preorder and I haven’t gotten any notification and the website still says he’s on pre order and expected to ship JAN 2023 - FEB 2023.

  5. He was literally seen there even while he was retired, how is this news lol

  6. Phillies path to the World Series: A divisional opponent in the divisional round and a Californian team in the championship round.

  7. How can you bet on something that is pre determined

  8. The same way you bet on who will win the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones (yes this was a thing)

  9. She’s still over AF, her momentum’s fine. The problem is the divisions a mess and has been since Sasha and Naomi walked out.

  10. Tbf Sean and Fightful have got a far better recent track record than Dave and Wrestling Observer.

  11. I'm out of loop, can someone please tell me why they not allow Briscoes on TV?

  12. Reportedly WBD did not want the Briscoes signed by AEW due to homophobic tweets put out by Jay in 2013, tweets he had apologised for numerous times.

  13. What about the zebras, what idiots will we have calling the match

  14. Clete Blakeman, aka the ‘No Clear Recovery’ ref. Funnily enough, we’re 13-1 with him officiating our games, that one being the only L.

  15. Gonna need another Jake Elliot 60 yarder vs the Giants so we can get a “THE KICK OF HIS LIFE” call from Joe Davis.

  16. JAS has run its course. The bait and switch with Garcia and Danielson was dumb and Anna Jay should never have joined in the first place.

  17. Edges turn in early 2022. Getting the crowd to boo a dude who had come out of retirement with his neck AND suffered another long term injury shortly after his comeback was just idiotic.

  18. I don’t know when but Kang and Scott are safe bets. I also expect we’ll get Hope, Cassie and M.O.D.O.K.

  19. Based on their history, I would guess Ant-Man/Wasp dual announcement within the month after release. Maaayybbbee the week before. Kang several months after. Any other characters very slim chance

  20. Honestly I think they’ll announce Kang first. And I think we’ll get a MODOK too.

  21. Yeah, this is like Grima Wormtongue assuring the citizens of Rohan that neither Saruman nor Sauron have any workings in their kingdom.

  22. Tbf that ended with Wormtongue stabbing Saruman in the back.

  23. I can guarantee you the plan is waiting for Kris Statlander lol

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