1. Loose boxy shirts, hair half up, a crap ton of earrings and beanies.

  2. If it helps I feel very similar. I am afab but I've never really felt like I've been a good woman haha, I love seeing myself in lose fitting clothes especially when my chest looks flat, but I don't feel like the label of "man" fits either. Recently I just googled "am i non-binary" and a definition that came up (not that definitions are necessary to be non binary by ANY means) was just "someone who doesn't feel like a man or woman exclusively" it can be a bit of both, a lot of one and a little of the other I'm starting to learn. The way I see it, if the idea of being non-binary makes you feel free, makes you feel good or makes you feel like YOU it's good enough.

  3. This is a lot of fun, and I’m secretly happy my mains (Yoi and Kokomi) are both leaders, but out of curiosity how did you decide to assign them? Some people I would’ve expected as medicine cats aren’t, some people I would’ve expected as deputies aren’t

  4. Thank you! That made my day ☺️ some friends and I put this together using a spin wheel so everyone’s roles were selected at random 😂😂

  5. That sucks, like mega sucks. It always hurts when coming out doesn’t go well but just know you ARE loved and you always have a place here. This quote from Brooklyn 99 meant the world to me when I had a really bad experience coming out to someone I was very close with and I hope it can help “every time someone steps up and says who they are the world becomes a better, more interesting place. So thank you”

  6. All bisexual rogues have disadvantage on stealth today, roll well my friends!

  7. The confusion is part of the Bisexual agenda promulgated by the High Council of Bisexuality.

  8. I LOVE the idea that there are aliens who are just as confused as us facing similar technological conundrums. I’d love to see more of it in the genre!

  9. I really felt the “yes without having it spoiled for me” bc I finished it (brotherhood) in winter 2021 spoiler free ONLY bc my brother introduced it to me when I was 14 and I quit after ep. 4 and was so traumatized by it i scrubbed it from any and all social media algorithms possible the second it was suggested to me 😂😂 I love it now tho!

  10. No such thing as not NB enough. You are what you feel, regardless of any visual expression, any dysphoria or lack there of, or what you like to be called. All you're saying when you say you're nonbinary is that you don't fit into the binary. You are not obligated to fit any criteria, you're just NOT binary. You are enough!

  11. Just wanted to say this comment made my day, it was very uplifting ☺️

  12. 20 years and personally for the first year and a half after I accepted it I often panicked about if I was actually just straight or actually just gay. A lot of my bi friends have experienced this as well. Don’t worry (a lot easier said than done) just acknowledge those thoughts and feelings in the moment. See where the train of thought leads you, for me it always led me back to the fact that I was attracted to multiple genders and was comforting to me! I cant promise this is perfect but I hope it’s of some help!

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