1. Wow! That is really beautiful. Any idea how many hours you have put into this piece?

  2. Thanks, I appreciate that. As a rough estimate, I'm pretty sure I'm over 400 hours so far. I'm not practiced or fast, it's my piece to work on at night before sleep.

  3. Yeah, it seems to take heavy inspiration from those patterns, I'm really happy with it!

  4. I am working on this same pattern!!! Two years in now though 😅

  5. This guy was aggressively harassing women on Facebook a few years ago. A real piece of work.

  6. He's definitely gained a reputation for unhinged behavior.

  7. We got a few fun disc golf courses around

  8. a top-rated course is only an hour away too

  9. Do you know any of the names of the groups on FB to check out?


  11. Sure, bud. For anyone interested in the real story, here's a good summary news article but other info is available with a simple Google search, including her statement that "our choices and actions have one is above the law."

  12. Sounds like Sand Bar will fit most of your requirements plus food, arcade games, cornhole, etc.

  13. Please put in the effort to become better informed.

  14. Well, it's not locally owned since the business owners can't make their own decisions 🤷

  15. How about just keep killing babies since that’s all you people want to do? Maybe if more people were responsible with their gentlers fewer babies would have to die because of your selfishness.

  16. Women don't open up and share their personal stories with you, do they? Take your christofascism elsewhere, the rest of us have work to do.

  17. I drove a 125cc scooter in Shreveport for close to 3 years, commuting to school across town (not downtown). It cost me nothing compared to the costs of a car. I stuck to surface streets and would avoid bigger arteries and highways. I had a few hairy situations with other drivers and I had to drive defensively all the time to avoid more bad situations but I don't know that Shreveport drivers are uniquely hostile to scooter drivers. Roads suck big time, and I learned where to swerve to miss the big holes/bumps on my regular routes. I parked where motorcycles parked and never had a problem, though I had to answer many curious questions about the scooter since there were so few around the city. As soon as I said I get 80+mpg, most drivers were jealous. Of course there were drawbacks though: you're limited to local rides, weather conditions will dictate your ride time, good luck getting a bunch of groceries on the scooter, you're much more likely to die as a result of collision with a car, etc.

  18. What is your scooter's top speed? Do you get 80+mpg at top speed?

  19. This was a few years ago and I had a Yamaha Vino 125. My top speed was 45-50mph but I rarely pushed it that hard. 80+ mpg was mostly achieved at lower speeds, probably averaging 20-25mph through neighborhood streets.

  20. It was funny watching people pull off of southern to go take pictures of it

  21. The GT comes with a safety beep, is that what you're hearing? if so, it may be that you are accelerating too hard and the board is warning you

  22. Yo, this is an amazing feat. I'm proud that our community is so active! Please be safe and enjoy your float, and know that our thoughts are with you. Post some highlights for us to see!

  23. amazing feat is a bit excessive. If he's having fun then great, but ultimately its a powered vehicle. Doing it on a bike would a lot harder, for example, and that's considered pretty routine.

  24. Thanks for raining on this parade. Now that you've had a few days to think about it, do you want to reconsider your comment? OP was only asking for some positive thoughts.

  25. The Forum is spammy garbage on a good day, and dangerous agitprop most days.

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