1. Oof. At my first job I also took care of two boys who fought constantly. And sometimes their older sister would join in too. I definitely raised my voice when necessary. MB worked from home but never told me I couldn’t raise my voice and I’m sure she heard me sometimes. I didn’t like doing it but there are moments when nothing else works.

  2. This is why nanny shares are so problematic. It’s really hard to navigate two families wishes like that. It sounds like your nanny enjoys getting out and going to story time otherwise she wouldn’t do it. I can tell you from my experience as a nanny, being cooped up really affects our mental health. No matter the amount of supplies you provide.

  3. No. And not because I think I couldn’t find a wonderful nanny. But because I want to be the one there during the day. I’m currently pregnant with my first and I’m grateful my husband makes a decent amount so I can stay home. I still will be bringing in some income from other things so we can stay afloat though- but the goal is for me to be the primary caregiver.

  4. I was just a few months ago. You can look back at my post I made here. I am pregnant and was let go at 17 weeks. I was having trouble in my pregnancy and had to call out some days because of it.

  5. My first NF offered this to me last year! Do not spend the night if you don’t want to! No other job would ask you to do that, so keep that in mind.

  6. Hey there. First off, congrats! How exciting. Secondly, you don’t owe them any explanation right now in regards to your pregnancy if you don’t want to. It’s entirely up to you on when to tell people.

  7. I prefer Rowan but it is becoming popular so just a warning.

  8. I feel this more during my pregnancy with certain people. I guess I just assumed some of my close friends would check up on me more? Idk. Even my best friend hardly reacts to things related to my baby and it feels weird.

  9. I would be completely devastated if my husband ever spoke to me like that. You are carrying this man’s child. And he does not sound deserving of it at all. If I were you I’d really consider if this is the type of person you want to be with or not. I’m sorry this is happening so close to your due date.

  10. 24 weeks and I’m always tired. Even when I sleep 8-9 hours. I typically will wake up with some energy for an hour or so but then the exhaustion hits again. I’ll feel tired all throughout the day but get a little energy again before bed. Then- repeat. 😅

  11. It can happen at any stage of pregnancy unfortunately. I started having it on and off pretty early but eventually it became so bad I’d have nights where I literally didn’t fall asleep until 4 am.

  12. You already sound like a wonderful mother. Do NOT let others sway your decision. Good luck to you and congratulations!

  13. Lol I thought my last family was my unicorn family but I was very wrong

  14. That’s one of the hardest things about this job. We put so much pressure on ourselves because we are the only employee and calling out is an inconvenience for them. But we are human. We get sick and emergencies happen. Do not feel bad. And if they make you feel bad they are not good employers. That’s one huge thing I’ve learned from nannying the past 5 years.

  15. You definitely do not owe her anything. At all. She is welcome to get that stuff herself but to expect you to buy it?? That’s odd.

  16. I felt this to my core when I first found out. My husband and I tried for a long time to conceive so I was even more afraid of it being taken away so quickly. I wish I had some amazing advice for you- but all I can say is to take it a day at a time. That’s all you can do. Maybe try to kind of mindfulness exercises to help you when you are feeling anxious.

  17. Yes!! I’m 23 weeks and I’ve noticed if I eat a big meal I feel awful. It’s like you said, there‘s not enough room anymore! My husband keeps reminding me to eat small but often. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do.

  18. My sister would randomly still throw up in the second trimester. I think it’s normal!

  19. Working any job while pregnant is super difficult. All I can say is I understand. 💕

  20. Unfortunately your mind plays tricks on you. Your symptoms could or could not be related to pregnancy. I only say that because it took me almost 2 years to conceive and every month I thought I was pregnant based on some new symptom.

  21. My mom and I have a good relationship too. And I’ve been open with her about my pregnancy. She even will be attending my upcoming ultrasound because my husband has to attend a work trip.

  22. I love my mom, and want her at the hospital. Not in the room while I’m delivering of course. But knowing she’s there I feel would bring me some comfort. As far as my MIL, she’s wonderful too. At this point in time I’m okay with her being there as well. Neither my mom nor my MIL are intrusive people so I know they will respect any boundaries I set and not come in unless asked.

  23. I’ve had a cyst rupture… it was awful!!! I was literally crawling on the floor in tears and almost threw up from the pain. Do not feel bad or embarrassed at all. If my husband had not been home while I experienced mine I don’t think I could’ve made it without contacting someone. It’s definitely not something you want to go through alone.

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