1. Too Fast For Love - Come On And Dance Shout At The Devil - Red Hot Theater Of Pain - Louder Than Hell Girls Girls Girls - Dancing On Glass Dr. Feelgood - S.O.S. MC94 - Hooligan’s Holiday Generation Swine - Find Myself New Tattoo - Hell On High Heels SOLA - SOLA

  2. Saw the Prong and Crowbar patches and didn’t think it could get any better until I saw the backpatch! LoA are so underrated. Wish I could get a Crowbar Army patch but i haven’t been able to find one for sale yet

  3. Maybe check I know they have crowbar merch. Other than that see them live! That’s where I got mine. And agreed loa are sick. River runs red is solid top to bottom easily a favorite.

  4. I saw Crowbar almost a year ago when I was hungover as fuck so I’m definitely due for another show by them!

  5. Kreator - Violent Revolution is the only solution

  6. Amazon you could get a cheap Levi’s jacket there,

  7. Basically hit zero in my bank account to get tickets to see them at Boston Calling last year, I missed them with A7X and Volbeat in 2017 (one of my biggest regrets) so needed to make that happen, and then a friend pointed out to me that it was really easy to get free tickets for the Global Citizen festival in NYC, so I went to that too. Gonna try and hit NJ this year and Foxborough next year.

  8. I’m just waiting for 2001 to hit everyone with the Violent Revolution

  9. You check out Armored Saint? Not really thrash IMO but have a lot of associations with it the thrash scene. Pretty melodic but have heavier moments (especially when the 90s hit) their debut, March of the Saint is one of my top 5 albums!

  10. That is the exact reason I’m happy I have nice seats as opposed to the floor for Friday’s show, I love Exodus and Anthrax but there’s like a 2 and a half hour gap between the 2 bands including Black Label’s set and that would just get really old

  11. What time does Anthrax hit the stage? Not really here for BLS or Exodus.

  12. Fight - War of Words, wish I posted earlier fuck this album is amazing

  13. Exodus - And Then There Were None Overkill - Rotten To The Core Death Angel - The Ultra Violence (only really need the E strings for the intro) Sacred Reich - Independent

  14. Maybe they’ll work on it right after this tour and before Charlie goes out with Pantera, but I’m gonna assume not until late 2024 at the earliest. I’m going to guess we’ll see some releases by Living Wreckage and Mr. Bungle in the meantime, and touring by those two as well as Joey’s Journey tribute.

  15. Fantastic album! Seems popular enough to me tbh

  16. Nice to see Divine, Undisputed, and Diabolus get some love

  17. Not a huge Megadeth fan but Rust in Peace is the greatest thrash metal album of all time.

  18. OP, do you plan on continuing this into the 2000s? Honestly, that’s when I think this list would start to get interesting

  19. I disagree with basically all your picks but what you said about W.A.S.P., “a band without a country”, true that. They never really got their due, too glam for the thrash, too cool for the glam, maybe got some radio play but they never really fit into a specific scene or culture. Rock on brother!

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