1. Good niche stuff. They were trash for a long time. They have improved over the past couple months. Lemon cherry pie,skunkberry,sticky buns.. I usually get 10ths for like 25 bucks. Stuff fits a void as far as $ goes. It's not mega high end by any means but for the cash it's not bad

  2. Cool I appreciate the response I only get to go to the dispensary once a month and keep seeing a half of the sticky buns smalls for $90. I receive an indigent discount so that would make it around $63 plus tax.

  3. That's not bad at all. I do not have experience with their smalls fwiw. 63 a half is a very good price tho. Thinking about picking up a half of "afghani" myself. Good luck

  4. 36% my ass lol. “Yeah, we just happened to grow the most potent cannabis in the world in our second year of operation and people will write books about riviera creek garlic cookies” - basically how they responded to me when I called them out on their ridiculously high results.

  5. Ive seen plenty of stuff with higher thc then that on the west coast fwiw. I'm not saying it's accurate but if one test is off they all are. Kinda defeats the point of caring about THC or terpenes at all,which I'm not saying isn't totally possible. I don't know

  6. "Ignorant" majority. Maybe not sound condescending and explain why you feel that way? Fwiw-the voting system is a joke. I won't downvote someone just because they disagree with me,but when you make smart-ass remarks don't be stunned that other people downvote you.

  7. I might give epbc another shot. I got a discount bag I had to burp for about a week. It brought out some weird ass Danky smell. I've give it that much. I got it for like 32 bucks. Odd taste but I like odd taste.

  8. Are they hating Klutch, or holding them responsible for the contents of the cannabis they sell?

  9. A lot of peculiar incidents and reactions when this brand is mentioned. There's a slew of incidents where people first complained about chemical taste(I personally tasted it as well,disgusting)...people got told it was the taste llloll. Too bad many people have had the strain multiple times to know better.Then mold pics were posted from 2 different people. One person was banned,but came back and stated there's a ton of peculiar activity I won't openly state,but the comments were hilarious.

  10. In places like Illinois the highest levels of yeast and mold to pass inspection is 1,000 CFU/g so Ohio isn't as strict about this as people seem to think. Just saying, it's relative.

  11. Personally I'd rather someone tell me about possible mold on product. I agree with most of what you are saying but as a customer you kind of have a right to express your experience with any company. I don't look at it like anyone is trying to convince anyone,anything..I consider it more like warning people of possible health issues if they aren't aware.

  12. Peach Horchata is the strain formerly known as Dungeon Family. Georgia Pie x Horchata (Jet Fuel Gelato x Mochi Gelato). This is straight giggle grass. Very nice mood elevator and euphoric silliness, decent body buzz, very social if silly interactions.

  13. My dispensary had this stuff for 144$ a half which is nuts for cokoh. They also had dungeon family for 78$ a half. I'd be kinda pissed if it was the exact same thing.

  14. Usually can find this pretty cheap too. Nice strain. Haven't had a shitty batch of it yet. Nice relaxing strain. Good after a day of bullshit

  15. I think the mold posts were BS. Everyone is anonymous. The pic, & providing batch numbers are meaningless. I could create a bs post like that in 2 minutes. And I have purchased over 10 jars of the ghost og with the same batch numbers & it’s been 🔥 with absolutely no mold.

  16. This is literally the same poster that made the post(OP)..Another person posted a picture of mold and they were banned and said mods here would ban people over it...then gr33cr4ack gets banned..yea it's all bs and none of that happened. A group hallucination manifesting before our eyes.

  17. I think the mold thing with the pink grapes strain was a hoax. The picture clearly had a fireland scientific lid in it.

  18. I'm sure everyone for months saying it tasted like chemicals and smelled like mold was a hoax too...So far two people have been banned for not loving klutch,and calling bullshit..but hey that guy that had a completely separate pic of moldy klutch (not firelands lid) was prolly some tinfoil wearing hat guy too eh? Is it time for "I only buy klutch but all other brands are shit" yet?

  19. That's a nice price. It would be nice if everything was priced like this.

  20. Certified. If you buy old Woodward strains you are good.farkus farms problem child+Supreme diesal...RC's lost river

  21. You can bet that will never get addressed on here,and if it did it would be a bullshit excuse.

  22. Look at those fucking terps bro!!! mold-oline @10% terps Never seen terps this high! They are literally forming spiderwebs to catch more terps. A halloween exclusive. Trick or treat

  23. Cokoh been remediated to hell and back. Just cause you don't see mold don't mean it ain't there. I hate people that don't know what they're talking about. Lol

  24. So you are saying because he buys cokoh that erases moldy klutch? I've said the cokoh is def good on a budget it's improved a lot over the past few months. Are they top 3? No,they have a nitche and they aren't charging 180$ a half either. These guys are trying to warn you not shill or anything else. Nobody is stopping you from getting what you want. Did u miss the massive thread about a week ago with the pics of the mold ? If so,just search and you will see nobody is lying about anything. There was a shitload of posts from recognizable usernames and accounts that didn't only post from one company either. Another guy tried to say the same thing a few weeks prior and got shit on,and banned from posting here. This isn't an overnight thing. This has been ongoing for the past 4-6 weeks and people were reporting odd taste (like chemicals and smelling like mold) even before that..many said the same like you are only to come back in a future thread and say "fuk you ain't lying"

  25. Ive been trying to tell ppl Cokoh is fire when they do their shit right. Ive heard some bad purchases from them on here but in my experience ive only tried their high divorce rate and runtx which were both STANKY ASF omg one of the best budget brands forsure.

  26. Been saying this about cokoh for awhile now. They have reasonable prices and the shits not bad at all. My dispensary sells out of halves of their stuff a lot quicker then people would believe.

  27. Sometimes I sort of wish the athletes would be more open about their PED use. Larry Wheels is completely honest about what he takes; Ryan Bowen has, Denis also has talked about his use of certain drugs like HGH; Devon, Michael, Irakli keep it an open secret by heavy implication but don't openly discuss. We need more Larry Wheels.

  28. Until steroids are made legal (which won't happen) you can't expect anyone to admit to breaking the law. We live in an already police state(u.s specifically). The athletes have little to gain aside from making fans feel better about themselves. In reality a guy can put in 20 years of work and it would be shit on by armchair jockeys who honestly believe "I could do it to if I took that many roids"'s petty shit.

  29. You can look through my history and see I've talked about this strains a lot throughout the past year or so. This time last year this was one of the top sativa's in the state. The numbers were also much better (THC and terpenes). I would be stunned if this is anywhere close to where it once was. My dispensary actually has this fairly priced (can get it for about 35$ during happy hour)..I'd rather pay more like I did this time last year and get last year's quality then what this appears to be. The strain is amazing when it's done right.

  30. Mine was nowhere near that dark,and tasted exactly like garlic cookies. This was months ago tho. Yea that's fucking dark

  31. They still are. People on here are making a big deal over 1 nug

  32. Is your other account hashforbrains? Does the handbook allow you to answer questions like this? They still paying 14$ an hour ?

  33. Every Josh D I’ve ever bought and it’s only been 2 smelled like hay and it was as dry as hay.

  34. "This is actually Josh D's hay strain." Be careful walking outside as goats may follow you around and steal your terps!!"

  35. It doesn't help that companies are rush packaging stuff that isn't fully processed. You shouldn't be smelling hay from any company let alone getting mold in ur shit. That's how far slanted this is

  36. The last time I bought bighead was about 2 months ago and that's when it began for me personally. I actually really like their ICC and bighead when it's on,and I've had them both when they were good and had identical terps. Im not complaining because mixing them was the best anxiety strain (even tho it was two strains combined) i've actually found in this program. The problem is that I never got those two at that level again. This isn't exclusive to Klutch at all as far as ups and downs with batches. I have the same issues with all these companies,but I will say that the chemical and odd smell is something exclusive to them.

  37. I've bought a lot of it too. I have had better luck with Layer Cake BFE as far as kief goes. I use a bubble on a vape and turn it into a 1 hit deal,but the taste is mega clean from the bubble (and many coils of course). There's been more kief that I didn't like then I liked. I did get an incredible amount of milage out of a gram doing it this way though.It was basically go-to when shit got mega tight $$

  38. Get some gummys standard wellness solventless gummies are amazing, but cartridges the Buckeye relief live resin luster pods are fire

  39. Some of the best advice I have ever gotten was to look into cbn infused gummies instead of depending on flower. I'm not a huge edible guy,but this is for a totally different purpose. The kiva gummies infused with cbn are absolutely worth the money. They are probably the best tasting gummy ive ever had and will knock your ass out for the night instead of depending on tree to do the job every couple hours.

  40. You don't have to be an asshole to ask a question to me. There's nearly no reviews on these carts/pods and I was just giving my opinion because I have actually tried one. It was a luster pod fwiw,and it actually tasted fantastic,and didn't burn up stupid fast like most ive tried. IMO,they could actually produce some high quality carts/pods,but their prices are just too much for most people. This pod actually tastes amazing. Like real garlic cookies taste. Not some botanical treebark bullshit,but like I said the prices are just stupid.It is a good pod to knock yourself stupid if you have sleeping issues or if you need an attitude adjustment during the day. I could literally take one inhale and sit it down for hours. I have a high tolerance fwiw..YMMV,but it's worth a shot if you are big into lusters.Theres going to be people who absolutely love them and people who will say they are trash. For whatever reason these fuckers are like trying to hunt down a buried treasure,locally.Just trying to give an honest review on my part.

  41. Stickiest weed to date, like literal glue. Don't ask about smell or taste, I'm sick.

  42. Ive been sleeping on RC because I had bad luck with Garlic Cookies over 2 years ago...this looks great though and awesome to hear it is nice and sticky. I love when my herb is a pain to grind. I agree on the price/sale thing. Thanks for posting and wishing you a quick recovery! Edited to remove a question that's answered on the label.

  43. I get the hit and miss with garlic. Normally the main complaint is the moisture content because they refuse to put it in glass with a moisture pack (get with the times RC),but the reality is this. The people who gave up on RC because of a bad batch of garlic are really missing out with Lost river/pink elephant..I want to include chocolope in this because it was my favorite sativa,but it's been too long since Ive had it to give an honest review. Everytime they switch names or give me that "from the family of" bullshit my mind wonders if something has totally changed..I don't think the chocolope this time last year is the same as whats on the market right now..Totally just a random opinion,but that shit was amazing..terps were higher and thc content was higher as well. I def could be wrong tho..just a gut feeling basically,but RC does have some killer stuff. The pods are the best ive had in the state. They are hella expensive and I completely understand why people won't pay the price for them. However,they are stupid good.

  44. Random question...This stuff was supposed to be higher in CBN if I recall correctly. Could you actually notice the CBN,as in,snooooze time? I really could use some turn your lights out for the night stuff. The edibles with cbn are best for a full nights sleep IMO(because they stick with u),but Id totally be down for trying this if it's got that "lights out" checkmark. Thanks

  45. What you said about Apres reminds me exactly what I thought of budino. The tender showed it too me and I thought "wow that looks incredible"...bought it and it tasted like shit. Needed to reignite every 10 minutes and was completely underwhelming..loooks were fantastic but I can stare at a rainbow if I just want to see pretty things.

  46. I think they are downvoting him because he comments negatively every time someone posts something even remotely positive about Klutch. He's been doing it for weeks. He isn't giving them an honest review. He's not giving people flavor notes like a weed sommelier and comparing it to other strains in the program. He's been trying to get people not to try the strain. He was doing this before most people even saw it hit menus. And, his review doesn't match what other people have been saying about it.

  47. He had a monster thread of dozens of strains he's bought and tried.Bigger then anyone else has posted by far. Some of the pics no longer work due to reddit and pic uploads now,but you can still find it.He is one of the few that tells it like it is on here.

  48. Cold cookies is underrated from them. Last time I had it the shit was straight earth taste.

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