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  1. No numbers, missing letters, everything hidden behind random combinations to trigger layers.

  2. "My brain is big enough to understand function keys and shifted characters but too small to understand layers" - 90% of this sub

  3. I thought I would love my candybar. Was super excited to assemble it last night. But I did not pay attention to the amount of keys that would be sacrificed (

  4. Are the mods conspiring against 40% boards because we've become too powerful and they are afraid?

  5. I spend 99.99% of my day lurkin but I will not stand for this shit. Ban this uncultured swine!

  6. Something to keep in mind - it's very common for o-rings to be cut to size and fused with super glue for any application that doesn't involve extreme pressure. You could source any nitrile cord/o-ring and just modify it to the perfect size with minimal effort.

  7. Is there any guide online on how to do such process? I am kind of a newbie on making and planning boards by myself :P

  8. Yeah! Just look for videos of DIY o-rings. Basically you just slice it to size and apply a drop of super glue before holding the ends together for a couple seconds. It's a chemical reaction so the glue dries almost immediately.

  9. I reaaaaally hope the QC issues and wobble have been improved since r1. I still use mine every day, but I don't know if I could recommend it to prospective buyers.

  10. $69 for Keycult take it or leave it I know where you sleep.

  11. Here's my take - if this board had a bigger run of 200 units, no matter where it's manufactured, it would probably cost $100 less. If that were the case, people would still complain about a $395 40% keyboard because less keys = less money. The bottom line is that the board is designed extremely well by an MK OG, manufactured by someone who has a history of doing exceptional work, and is being fulfilled by someone who I can personally vouch for is not in this hobby for a cash grab. Make no mistake, this is a true endgame keyboard with a long list of endgame features. If a Bauer 2 or CK Vector can cost $700-800, then this is a downright deal.

  12. Is there a way to watch the BBC news online live in the states?

  13. Embassy staff told to change into black.

  14. how is the other 45% on the front page only 50 bucks, but this is 10x the price

  15. My brother in christ that's literally an FR4 sandwich board

  16. The TGR Jane was only 25 units and it was priced at 420$, it was made of full alu and it had a brass weight.

  17. This might be the worst take I've seen on this sub all year.

  18. You could totally use this as a daily keeb with some cursed ARTSEY inspired layout. 40s are all about pushing the boundaries of discomfort and sanity.

  19. I plan on keeping mine because of the cool factor, but if I change my mind you'll be first on the list at $25 plus shipping.

  20. The type of people who look at a Cervello/Neuron and think, "Nah, too many keys. We need to go smaller." are freakish and wonderful. I love it.

  21. The vast majority of 40s users don't want all that punctuation and extra stuff on layer 0 since it kind of defeats the purpose. This thing is just a mess. If Keychron really wanted to make a base kit compatible 40% they should have gone with a more common 13u layout rather than this half-assed long boi.

  22. Having a big ass base kit and not even basic 3-key 40s support is 2022's biggest crime.

  23. People out here really expecting god-tier renders for every IC post. Spend more time and money on making a physical board, and don't worry about perfect renders. Nobody is gonna type on a render.

  24. A number of things differentiate this from an Oxymoron (which I do own and love), namely the daughterboard, the BM43-esque stagger, and the 12u width. The mounting points and full plate also will result in a much stiffer board overall. The only similarity is that they're both gummy-mount 40% boards.

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