1. Yeah it's just the same as if you didn't ferment. I like this because it allows me to use less vinegar, I'm not a big fan of vinegar in my sauces

  2. Really cool pic, I really enjoy multi-animal setups. How many total in the communal? How long since you started it? Did you start with slings?

  3. I'm a semi-frequent player. Played in the beginning pretty hard and got pretty good money, came back a couple weeks ago bc the garden update is all I ever wanted. Should I take the time to do any slayers, crimson isle (idek what half of that stuff is), dungeons, etc.? I don't do PvE for profit, only farm ign: gausscarrothoe if that helps

  4. Absolutely correct, if you flip the egg once it’s been laid, the baby snake can drown itself in the fluid in the egg, so some people will mark the eggs, personally I don’t mark eggs, they just get picked up very carefully and they are kept exactly like they are laid(but I don’t breed Cobras either)and put directly into the incubator. My question is more how big of balls of steel do you need to be the one to take the eggs from the mother Cobra, my Kingsnakes will protect their eggs violently, and I generally have to remove them with a Snake hook before pulling the eggs, I can’t imagine a MaMa Cobra trying to protect her clutch…

  5. Remove them from the enclosure with a nice and looonng snake hook lol that's how I've seen hot keepers do it

  6. I'm so glad my stomach seems like it's made of steel. Even after the hottest things I've ever eaten, I've never had an upset stomach or a "ring of fire" incident. Idk how you guys deal with it lmao

  7. Sounds like what I'm gonna use it for, too

  8. Taste? This is a hot sauce not a weak sauce, it’s made to make you regret your decisions and it perfectly does it’s job.

  9. Regret buying it or regret consuming it? Lol

  10. Relative story but a bit different. Was sitting with two of my friends and I asked what do you guys think is the easiest way to get famous? Sports? Music? Acting? Shit you not my buddy goes “grab an Ak-47 and mow a buncha people down” me and the other guy looked at eachother puzzled but said “I guess your kinda right”

  11. Obviously not a well kept secret, unfortunately

  12. Your argument is invalid because I can imagine things in my head! Boom!

  13. One guy replied to me on that thread with "at my daughter's school the resource officer left her gun in the bathroom on the toilet paper dispenser lol Alex things that didn't happen for $500

  14. I forgot to mention before, this is literally in the guns subreddit. +160 and when I replied to it I got downvoted into the center of the earth

  15. Aren’t pickup trucks more common than any other type of vehicle in the us and Canada?

  16. It's a fairly even split between sedans, SUV's, and trucks (far north US) so anyone with a small sedan is gonna have a rough time ~4 months out of every year. Further south you see more trucks that spend a lot more time on dry pavement, ironically

  17. I’m fascinated, please keep up posted on your results. Please forgive this dumb question, is the fermented tobacco mean for smoking? Is fermented weed for anything other than smoking?

  18. Tobacco is harvested, dried, then fermented to make it better to smoke. Curing marijuana is a lot like drying it but like, extra dry. A setup like this is used for non-commercial level tobacco growing

  19. I was so confused as to what I was looking at until I googled this. It’s

  20. Is this through the holes on a "regular" day? I still can't tell lmao

  21. Fairly certain the sun would be in the center if this was taken at 11:11 on Veterans Day, yeah. And, seeing as it only happens once a year, doubt they are too keen on people snapping pictures while standing on the seal during the actual event.

  22. It's like the light turned on and I understand it now. Taking a picture from the ground looking up at the sky through the holes

  23. Favorite champ to play? Favorite jg champ to play with?

  24. I don't have enough extra weight to carry anything fancy in the backpack but on bike trips I love me some chicken tacos

  25. I've had success with apples before. Maybe it was just the bananas going bananas in a funky style, but that smell was a warning for me. Hopefully the next batch will turn out better. Oh, and it was just a two week ferment by the time.

  26. Smell is usually your best indicator, at least

  27. I hate to say it but I don't think your ferment went "bad" in the inedible sense. I wouldn't ferment my fruit, I always ferment fruit juice (lime or lemon) but never the fruit itself. The one time I fermented the fruit "meat" it smelled a little too funny for me. There was no mold and extremely low chance to grow mold (never had mold using this method over many times). The sauce ended up pretty good but I could specifically taste the pineapple and how much the flavor of it changed. I used a significant amount of lime juice one time and it ended up very similar to the batch with fruit meat in it. Maybe it's because I prefer longer ferments, both times were 4+ weeks, I chase that funk. Maybe if it's a short (2-3 week) ferment it could've just gone bad

  28. The government doesn’t consider it a real illness I would know I have it🥲

  29. Sorry if I'm an idiot but it seems like Lyme disease has a scientific name and understanding, why wouldn't the government consider it a real illness? Also, why does that matter?

  30. I don't know why your getting down voted this is exactly what it is.

  31. It's not what the people want to see. They want controversial, sexual, and/or violent options only

  32. Might I suggest you join the army where that isn’t a joke lol

  33. But just commit your life to a country that "needs" you and be the greatest hero to ever live. You'll even be given the title "homeless" when you get out! Maybe even "suicidal"!1! They told me it's not in the interest of the world banks and oil supply, so I believe them

  34. It was a joke dude. it’s not always about being a hero and shooting guns. Lots of people want education, a bed, food or citizenship. Just because your world view is depressing and upside down doesn’t mean you should spread it to others

  35. Sorry I got a little carried away. Tbh thought it was a different sub because I came here from replies

  36. I wish most pet stores knew what was killing their stock instead of just ordering more ):

  37. Put this on some already kinda spicy burrito or rice bowl and you got one of the best meals out there. If the food isn't spicy at all before, I feel like it takes too much sauce to make it spicy, the whole dish tastes like Tabasco. Obviously, that's with my tolerance but I don't feel like it's that crazy

  38. For anyone wondering: The Missouri River 340, or MR340, is a 340 mile kayak and canoe race from Kansas City, Kansas to St. Charles, Missouri that follows the Missouri River. It is the longest continuous canoe and kayak marathon in North America besides the Yukon 1000, and possibly the world.

  39. Do drive shafts not fail like axles? I've seen a couple twisted rear axles from all sorts of racing, but never a drive shaft (twisted, plenty of them completely busted)

  40. But it’s in the middle so it could be for the passenger? I actually have a glove compartment left of my steering wheel but I don’t know why so many people are defending this person. What reason would yo ur glove compartment be full of shooters for if you’re not drinking them.

  41. I'm not defending them lmao just saying we'll never know the real story or do anything positive about this situation, maybe if it helps me sleep at night I can imagine they weren't drunk driving with a child.

  42. It’s definitely still possible they don’t ever drink with a kid in the car or anything. I’m just being an anonymous Reddit weenie

  43. Lmao aren't we all an anonymous Reddit weenie?

  44. Just wondering why half the comments on this post are people like you telling everyone else their opinion is wrong 🤷‍♂️

  45. Again, it’s not that deep. If you can’t handle conversation as tame as this you might need a break from the internet.

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