1. On a similar front, any recommendations for cheap managed rackmount 10GBe switches? Was setting up 10gbe between NAS and VM server for fast NFS access, but now want to extend it to another few systems in the home network...

  2. Video games that are complete and functional at release without any auto-update mechanisms, DRM, or digital marketplace. Do you know that they used to just burn the chip once and then you'd put it in a game system and it would just work and continue to work basically forever?

  3. In addition to the possibility of honeypots, there are also occasionally tarpits, meant to slow down internet-wide scanners.

  4. lol no - its not on the motherboard, its baked into the CPU, and you're not getting it out. The best you can do is that there are some custom BIOS replacements and various hacks to effectively disable the ME on older intel CPUs. (Check out Librem laptops for something that ships like this.)

  5. Yeesh - more of this crap? Can we get Rule 3 updated to include homophobes and transphobes?

  6. So disappointed. I keep seeing those electric mustangs that look like they got stung by a bumble bee and wishing that they'd made an electric mustang that looks like a classic mustang, and then they come out with a gas guzzling camaro/charger with a mustang logo on it. What a failure and a misunderstanding of the market and times we're in.

  7. I missed the not connected part oops... Sweet trick to show off hmmm not really just find the password of the AP ( harder and harder every day)

  8. True that - not like the old days when you could find WEP everywhere and show off with a quick crack.

  9. for haha's , lets say for example, IP is not an option. Is user agent alone ok? Is it possible others can have the same user agent?

  10. I'd say it really isn't OK. That looks pretty much like a standard google bot user agent string - Anyone can copy that. I just googled it and found basically the same string here:

  11. Sadly, this isn't uncommon. I provided [EDR VENDOR] with a bypass for their software through HackerOne, and they claimed it was a "detection oversight" or some BS instead of a "true bypass" even though I had been using it to walk through customers with their software for over a year and handed them a fully weaponized copy as demonstration. Oh yeah, and of course it stopped working shortly after they closed the report, so they clearly took and used my report.

  12. If you're going the purchase route, there's almost no reason to get a Rubber Ducky instead of a Bash Bunny unless if form-factor really matters and you're hoping to trick someone else into plugging it in instead of doing that yourself. -- You get so much more functionality out of the Bash Bunny.

  13. Its true, but you can also use the BashBunny to perform BadUSB attacks, spoof device IDs to pretend to be a more common legitimate keyboard, bring along mass storage, and a few more options as well, and script the usage of all of them so that you can, say mount mass storage, kick off the keyboard to launch a payload from mass storage, or pretend to be a network device, run Responder, and capture the logged-in user's password hash for offline cracking... Its so much more than just fast automated typing, so yeah -- easily worth double the price of the rubber ducky for the extra capabilities.

  14. Could say you've always had the solution in hand.

  15. I'd say check out some proxmark hardware - that's really what you usually want to debug issues with RFID/NFC.

  16. Pray you don't see a 2K or 4K screen in your daily life, or that 1080p is going to feel quaint and outdated quickly. I highly doubt you'll actually want to keep it around for 10 years.

  17. I'm using a 4K for my work screen, 2K for gaming, and 4K for TV. I accidentally bought a 1080p screen as a second monitor for work and couldn't stand the resolutions side-by-side.

  18. Sorry to say you just re-named an existing technique.

  19. Uhhhh... On behalf of everyone... Could you not?

  20. Sorry - just re-reading your question - they're not really a parts store or re-seller, but they're certainly a place to go to talk printers with people, take classes, get a membership, and print and hack on things.

  21. Check out All Hands Active - local hackerspace with 3d printers and lots of other maker tools.

  22. Please tell me that’s a scrubs reference, I feel it should be

  23. I believe that is "Dr. Jan Itor" you're thinking of...

  24. I've had former Air Force red teamers tell me that Lenovo is banned from TS networks. Take from that what you will.

  25. You should probably talk to your IT/Security department, because someone's probably scanning and/or hacking that printer right now.

  26. Bicycles are not the future of transportation. Attempting to force them to be a primary mode of transportation and giving them preference over cars is ableist. Cars and bikes are nowhere near the same weight class, whereas people and bikes are super-close. Bikes belong on the sidewalk, not the road. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

  27. Qubes has an HCL to answer this exact question:

  28. Pumpkin flavored LaffyTaffy. Just tasting that stuff makes me gag, and I only ever had one piece of it

  29. ANY flavor of LaffyTaffy is horrible.

  30. Are you me? (or a member of my team? :D)

  31. ...and unfortunately they're practically a local monopoly.

  32. It depends... Did you or a tool you were running break something at some point between midnight and 3AM? Because if so, yes, you might be getting a call at 3AM.

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