1. Thanks for your detailed report!

  2. I would say my current one of 17 days. I've had moments of weakness but I've never relapsed. Currently a small period right now where the benefits seem to be fading, which may well be the hardest part of the journey, but trying to keep the faith that it'll bounce back and that this is just my brain playing tricks as it readjusts!

  3. 17 days is probably about my longest streak too, I remember it being slightly over 2 weeks. This streak I'm allowing myself to fap, just no porn. It's true that sometimes I feel like walking without porn could be a rabbit hole, but then I'm reminded of PIED and how I lose confidence when addicted to porn.

  4. Did this post work - the sub Reddit still keeps denying my posts

  5. I don't know if there is any evidence to support the idea that abstinence from porn or masturbation reduces acne; perhaps someone could weigh in on this?

  6. Maybe its due to the weather? Or maybe you're developing asthma?

  7. Asthma would be unexpected. I can exercise just fine, even considering the breathlessness (which is only happening right now when I'm at rest). Weather is a possibility, though, as it has suddenly got a bit hotter again

  8. I was just spitballin. But I don't think its due to nofap. I would wait the hot weather out and if it doesn't get better, go to a doctor

  9. Oh of course, I didn't mean to come across like it was a bad suggestion or something, was just elaborating on my situation :).

  10. I feel like everyone here is just making up reasons that fit in their beliefs

  11. I'm inclined to agree. OP, you may find responses or answers to your questions with more clarity, evidence or reasoning elsewhere; people here are trying to be helpful, though I feel like many are missing the mark of what is the actual cause of this. :).

  12. Hey, I’m also on my 16th day. It’s been hard but remember that it’s not worth it giving away long term gains for temporary satisfaction. You can do it!!

  13. Thanks! And congrats to you dude! I'm glad I've made it this far, half a month! We both got this.

  14. I’ll see you at the 1 month mark!! Stay strong and feel free to reach out if you need encouragement!!

  15. This may be my solution to stop waking up at 12pm now. Being a student in the middle of summer without a job is starting to get to me bc I want to be a morning person but am useless at it...

  16. Aw I'm so sorry buddy! I hope you can find someone to help ya maybe a therapist?

  17. Just relationship troubles ig; ya know, loving the person but not loving the relationship, and being unable to take action without feeling like a massive cock.

  18. Okay first of all, first steps that you can articulate it! Kudos to youuu! And secondly, you know, relationships are complicated cut yourself some slack! And so are feelings but I've heard writing helps!

  19. Not great. Had 2 consistent days of good but feelings about my relationship are making life so hard.

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