1. It's probably not a big deal but could be indicative of tooth decay possibly? It's probably a good idea to get her seen by a vet soon

  2. It's hard to tell from the photo but it looks like Lion Brand maybe?

  3. It's definitely a learning curve to learn how to balance school (or work) with your own needs and wants. I'd recommend setting aside a 2-3 hours for homework/studying when you get home from school every day and setting aside an hour (or two) before bed for self-care. A routine will really help you be able to do all the things.

  4. Ok I will try this I do have adhd tho routine might be hard to do but I started meds for it recently so maybe I can do it thanks

  5. Physical resources are only one type of resource. Can you make some kind of skilled labor (like factories?) but don't forget, those industral nations will still have to feed their people!

  6. We just had a week-long car festival (happens every year during the first week of August) in my town that you would love. It's called Hot August Nights.

  7. I love it and I feel like it just looks out of place right now because there's only one section of the dark color. Once you have more repeats it'll be a lot less jarring!

  8. You might be talking about "Aesthetic attraction" rather than romantic or sexual attraction

  9. Well, then it might just be a preference towards more feminine guys & you might be aromantic of some kind. Probably still gay tho

  10. I live in Europe and dryers aren't that common here, so we don't have one. Laundry is dried on one of these

  11. If you don't have a dryer, do you have a steam iron or clothes steamer? You could steam the project and that might work (rather than putting the iron on the project, just holding it close to it to hit it with hot steam

  12. So catnip is addictive to cats because its smell mimics cat pheremones. If she was spayed very early, it would be natural that catnip does nothing for her.

  13. Reminds me of the anime Black Cat - Train is the Mc and is ammmmazing so I like it

  14. You can wrap the hoop with cotton twill tape, possibly, or get a wooden hoop!

  15. The thing about age gaps is that it is usually accompanied by a disparity in power between the partners and can end up being abusive. Especially if you start the relationship very young, because you are an adult but you have significantly less life experience than an older person, and are typically less financially stable. Also, your personality and brain are still developing until you are about 25. However, not every relationship will be like that.

  16. I'm only guessing but I would imagine it's for frozen items. The user manual (which you can probably find online) would tell you

  17. You probably want a bra pattern to start with, as you're making it with cups

  18. If you're afraid of it getting stretched or snagged, I'd recommend a mesh laundry bag!

  19. Personally, I think felt would probably be great. You will need to do some testing though to see if it'll work like you want (basically, make one you don't care about before you do make ones you care about)

  20. Pottery equipment (wheels, kiln, etc), 3d printer, etc

  21. Anything by Tamora Pierce (Circle of Magic, The Circle Opens, anything set in Tortall)

  22. The Hobbit was written before LOTR... It was published in 1937

  23. One reason that I love (and could work, depending on your setting/the type of magical being) is that they just don't want to deal with the constant requests to help people with their problems. Because people without magic want the "ease" with which magic can solve their problems without regard to how that impacts magic users/magical beings

  24. I don't know what you're feeding her, but maybe try something more appetizing to her, like wet food? You can also try putting salt-free chicken broth in her water (only a little bit) to see if that'll entice her to drink. However, as you said it's been 4 days, I'd definitely recommend going to the vet again (or at least calling your vet and asking if you should bring her back in)

  25. It's not exactly a mechanic, but rather an idea about design-have you considered making your prison a

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