1. I have the Jxaus case, which has enough internal space to store a nano 45w charger, 1.6m USB-C cable, and the official dock. I don't like how the official case's storage compartment is outside and the only thing stopping your stuff flying out is an elastic band. Thou I still use it if I only need to take the deck with me and nothing else.

  2. do you think you would be able to fit a cable longer than 1.6m or do you feel like you’re pushing it as far as space?

  3. damn, steam deck is never gonna get a slid 60fps on any new releases.. kinda stinks tbh

  4. You have to keep in mind that valve has stated that they plan on making a sequel to the steam deck at some point. Its not like it's meant to be a timeless console. People don't seem to have a problem upgrading to new $1000 iPhones and new $1000 GPUs every couple of years. Why not a new SD? It's just like everything. And you just have to accept that handheld gaming is always going to be behind the curve in technological advancements vs stationary. It is unfortunate but it's just the way it is

  5. I agree with what you’re saying, but what I’m trying to illustrate is that the SD is already behind it’s time (which is fine, it’s a handheld). So you can’t play any of the latest games close to their potential. It’s great for back catalogs and such but you’ll never see any titles within 1-2 years of release playing on medium-high at 60fps

  6. I mean the first one - Age of Wonders: Planetfall - is more than that alone on steam

  7. really? because here’s a controller and adapter bundled for only $10 more:

  8. The amount of "so what?" comments from people in here is quite alarming, people really don't care about their personal info being shared around?

  9. why spread this if you haven’t confirmed such yet? what is the basis for this accusation?

  10. This got me thinking... how many people don't optimize their battery performance when playing games? OP mentions Assassin's Creed 2 which you can easily get 4-5 hours of battery life out of with some minor performance menu tweaks. Do you need more than that?

  11. contrarely to this annoying meme, Todd has basically never lied dude, it's time to stop repeating that.

  12. and for that reason alone it never will. no one “owns” baseball, but overzealous corporations will always owns certain games

  13. No ads, no IAPs, no data collected and works offline.

  14. If this deal has expired or sold out, you can reply to this comment with expired to automatically close it. If this deal has been mistakenly closed or has been restocked, you can open it again by replying with available.

  15. Don’t forget UE5, I’m pretty sure this is the first major AAA release on that engine. Really excited to finally see it in action.

  16. Are you sure? They’ve been shipping with FedEx since release.

  17. OP gave a UPS tracking number. the linked post in this thread here is about FedEx

  18. Is this likely to be discounted on steam at all? Or am I holding out for no reason.

  19. probably not any time soon. when it finally is most of the player base will be off to the next thing (unless you don’t care about that)

  20. It’s not an ad it’s just a sneak peek of what they have on sale in the Xbox store. Ads stay to the far right of the dashboard

  21. …which is an advertisement. just because it’s first party doesn’t change intent

  22. They may be as good but it's harder to regain trust after losing it.

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