1. He did say he love his supporters lol, remind me of when he posted a gift and said I got a gift for u and it came out christmas

  2. imo its gonna be in February right before he headlines rolling loud. ST and Die Lit he was able to perform right after dropping, but WLR he couldn't do that. We knows he loves performing so he's probably gonna drop right before he does all these festivals and possibly a tour

  3. def before rolling loud so feb, ima say the first half of the month

  4. how is pitching up gonna prove anything if will played the real pitch on his live?!

  5. cause the vocals could be pitched down. it sounds like carti either way

  6. btw this kinda debunks the theory that Carti recorded all of WLR 2 weeks before it dropped during the Wyoming sessions

  7. he didnt record all of it, but he did do 16 new tracks when he was with ye

  8. probably means first quarter too so probably around time for rolling loud

  9. feel like he gonna drop right after this leg of the tour and before his european tour

  10. when does this leg finish again? i hope it drops sometime soon anyways

  11. I don’t remember the producers name :(

  12. Someone said it was for Lif3 or Stunt. I figured it would be stunt cuz I can’t see a vid for Lif3 in this setting

  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CnQC99rp0bz/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  14. i did tts but they were still a little too long/baggy, but nothing too bad.

  15. with the current aesthetic he has and the last performances he has done, i think thats opposite of what hes gonna do. i think its gonna be rock or metal inspired but with maybe a couple chill songs as he always has

  16. i hope he does more of the deep voice from mr miyagi

  17. https://www.reddit.com/r/playboicarti/comments/zwkh9q/as_i_said_before_that_dusjni_guy_was_lying_and_it/

  18. ik i saw the post, im just saying that he has directly mentioned carti when u said he didnt. but yeahs hes probably just clout chasing

  19. By that mentioning part I meant something like having a direct connection with Carti which we can see too, but yeah

  20. he definitely doesnt, cause he still cares about his art and if kanye can still do that w him then it dont matter

  21. MV that'll probably sit biting dust in corner of hard drive just like Teen X MV

  22. well assuming he releases a single first, its probably for that but itll probably be the only mv we get for the album

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