1. tbh the flag design sucks donkey balls

  2. OP doesn't plan to desex either. Boys and girls have been seperated. But if you can't afford a vet, then why do you have 8 rabbits to begin with? Looks like the product of possibly accidental breeding.

  3. why, is it against the law to not desex your rabbit? it's completely the owner's choice.

  4. You're right it is the owners choice and as far as I know there's no law. they're rabbits and they breed like rabbits obviously.

  5. While I agree it's a good idea to get their rabbits neutered for the sake of population control, it's the act of blaming towards the owners who don't desex their rabbits that is incredibly annoying.

  6. 沒說不行啊, 但任何評論你可選擇接受或者不看. 你年紀還很小吧?

  7. 你說氣死我嗎? 我先笑你兩聲 呵呵

  8. babies were shot while held up by the guards and thrown into pits... hanging was too merciful for these motherfuckers

  9. And North Korea and Iran are safer than France lmao

  10. Yeah you probably won’t get robbed in NK or Iran considering the extreme punishment against robbery. But can’t say the same about Paris, it’s not even safe to leave your phone on the table in the public.

  11. As a homa user, I can safely say we never have enough Homa

  12. actually c2 zhongli is not bad with The Catch. i have 200% er and just spam my ult. also have 5k hp with 2 hydro team comp.

  13. Hey there! I have also pulled Ayato just days ago. Still working on his talents. Is Yunjin good teammate for him? Or should I work to build a Hyperbloom team instead?

  14. yunjin is for higher con ayato with pure hydro team. low con ayato better with hyperbloom imo.

  15. Yes! Posted my build in the comment above. I thought as some kind of 'celebration' for my one and only character I'd ever C6 I wanted to be brave. This bravery costed my sanity tho

  16. I just got mine to c6c1 today as well! Has been considering it for days. Finally made my decision to make him my first ever c6 char.

  17. Oh my CONGRATULATIONS!!! I had him C4 when he first released and was hesitant to C6 him. I lost 2 50/50 hahah but I don't regret it and in fact am very happy I did

  18. Yeah totally worth it, I got 2 keqins and 1 diluc along the way, but it was good overall :)

  19. Pooh got lost in the woods.

  20. What teams do u recommend for ayato, other than hyperbloom, i have no kazuha

  21. Ayato also does well with Venti as he's E is able to hit everything swirled up in the air.

  22. I'm curious, why do Chinese officials do this at the site of death rather than put her in a bodybag and wait until she's at the Morgue?

  23. rule of thumb in China nowadays: gotta test if the object's covid positive.

  24. no worries, bmw and benz will do just fine.

  25. He has the best BGM of all characters so far.

  26. your friend probably still trying to talk to the horseman by now

  27. does it connect to wifi or bluetooth on your mobile device?

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