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  1. I re-upped - I can set the date to a future date, which was convenient

  2. I like that baking grill with a little tray below

  3. Sorry for your loss. Why the zoom in to the door a second before it opens?

  4. My wife noticed it swinging open and wanted to capture it

  5. You zoom in before the door started opening.

  6. Tech CEO says this, while serving on three boards

  7. What does it mean that the use of AI needs to be “equitable”

  8. Access for smaller players, not just the large players. For example, the government could enable a fund to allow startups to have data platform access and AI investments. Related:

  9. So industrial policy, based on race and “equity”?

  10. The reason that would not be a good idea is demonstrated by the monopolist models which exist today in the market economy - the railroads, telecoms, banks, etc. These are not necessarily the most talented, just the ones who had access to resources or capital and held on through various means.

  11. This happened to us in Dayton, OH around 2006

  12. Delete your account and stop taking advice from internet forums

  13. Play with the sharks, get bit. Delete your robinhood and all trading accounts.

  14. Given that the AI essentially looks at other human-produced art and copies it, this chap’s actions are not too dissimilar from the AI. One could say they are made for each other.

  15. This debate is probably centuries old.. most notably amplified by the advent of photography.

  16. This is one reason why, when photography took off, artists like Vincent Van Gogh went the other way, moving away from realism to Impressionism.

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