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  1. Honestly it's upbadging that gets shit on here (with a few people having a problem with M stripes), not other tasteful exterior mods. That said, if you put tacky spoilers or bumpers on a BMW you're gonna get crap about it but that's specific to ugly ones, not the entire concept of installing those parts.

  2. Do it. Pushing the S63 to redline at 11pm on the freeway with my massaging seats is bliss. I can spin my 305s 1/2/3 🫡

  3. Glad I got the old navy ones instead for 22$ and they don’t do this

  4. Nope - 7speed DCT - probably wouldn’t ever sell it if it was a manual tho!

  5. The color scheme is pretttttttyyy 🔥 and the ass cheek / taint support is primo. My only suggestion is definitely upgrade the horn fluid to a heavier weight for better response in traffic 🤷‍♂️

  6. Charleston SC is 68-70 for the next 3 or 4 days; I’m dying to finally get another bike.

  7. You live in the good ol Chucktowny!?! Lol I saw an R6 on rivers last night playing around and I just rolled my window down to enjoy his exhaust notes. I miss riding around here

  8. This is fairly standard - I have orangeburg pipe and cast iron since my house was built in the 60s. Yesterday they came out scoped the whole system and told me it was 5920$ to fix the main part or 10100 to do it right.

  9. It’s actually the most disgusting video I have ever seen and I almost wish her harm for creating it, fuck her seriously

  10. Lol bro you mad because she looks like a young Loba and you got kind of a hard on 🤣🤣🤣

  11. This is why nobody drives my car. Also if your buddy wasn’t claimed as another driver in your vehicle your insurance may not pay since it was not an authorized driver operating the vehicle.

  12. Oh crap my bad I didn’t have sound on! Lol reminds me of Driving on Salvia with the cat hahaha

  13. Wish I knew this before 2 TPLO surgeries on my dog; $14,500 later. I’ll trade your 1000$ Vet bill any day - my dog is almost a Ducati

  14. Tell your brother to move his plant farther from the light, and to give it at least 18 hours a day. Begin cutting the water with molasses, a little bit of eggshells over the top, and he’ll have gasoline in 3 months once he flips to a 12/12 schedule

  15. All these regards in here talking about they can tell a plants sex from the seeds; yet this comment is the real gold.

  16. This is what happens when the cannabis industry is washed by guys like Berner who need perfect conditions to grow these dumb gelato strains.

  17. I don’t subscribe to the whole weed fairy thing and be like look at this strain etc etc. if it looks good feels good and smells good I’ll probably enjoy smoking it. At the end of the day I just wanna smoke in order to hear the birds more songy or taste colors and feels smells 🤷‍♂️ while walking the dog.

  18. Been poking around for rings myself and got introduced to

  19. My spouse proposed with a key ring as we had just purchased our first house together. 😂

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