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  1. It's funny how they wiggle their way into your heart. I never thought I'd be a small dog person, but when my grandmother was dying, I was taking care of her chihuahua for her and he and I bonded. He's my little doofus now and I love him so much!

  2. My cousins once snuck a watermelon into a movie theater. I occasionally wonder what the workers must've thought when they found it.

  3. I've been giggling this whole thread because I thought you guys called it the "Porn Shop" and now I feel bad lol

  4. Lol same. I had to look up "derogatory word for pakistani" before I even knew what it was.

  5. Maybe a welcome message when folks join the sub or a bot that explains it but I don’t see any reason to ban the posts entirely. A lot of people genuinely may not know.

  6. I vote for a bot that automatically responds with an explanation that most cats are just cats.

  7. Amazing, that ceiling fan doesn't even so much as wiggle!

  8. Yet you thought a vagina could be shaven LMAO... great sex ed!!!

  9. Vagina IS the inner part. Geez for a woman you are F stupid!

  10. Ah, so you're just a sexist peice of shit. No wonder you refuse to actually read my comments and just make shit up about what I said. Got it

  11. Haha nah that slang is probably a fair bit older than you. Just Aussie nonsense. Slang aside, bloody gorgeous pup you've got there.

  12. She got more famous…. She was a White House secretary

  13. I mean, any "science" founded by a guy who claims ghosts told him to do it is probably a bit sketchy at best.

  14. nice guy but how would he control the finger?

  15. I'm betting he didn't lose the entire finger. He probably has a stump that can move. The prosthetic is probably designed to sit on the stump and also attach to the hand or wrist, and using gear-like designs, will curl when he moves his stump as if he's making a fist.

  16. Like I said there are exceptions to the rule, but the exceptions do not become the rule

  17. Except the things you're saying are the norm are actually the exceptions. You're just deluded into thinking they're the norm.

  18. Rule 1: Dont be a SIMP. Lots of mediocrity in people these days.

  19. Yeah, but you also don't. We are more resilient than just a drop on the head. Plus she was flung vs direct impact.

  20. Can you? Sure. Should I assume you have died because you landed on your head? No.

  21. I avoid all sugars and all verbs except what is found in green vegetables. Meat dairy eggs and green veggies only as they are the only thing that won't make me sick. Noticed I stopped getting tonsil stones.

  22. it looked like it was dead pixels/dead spots on the LCD screen but I’m still not sure what made them happen like that. maybe someone bumped the screen with their car and it killed some pixels? would love to know

  23. My first thought was someone shot it with birdshot or ratshot. Though, I don't know enough about guns to know if that would bounce of the screen and damage it like this, or if it would actually puncture the screen.

  24. To be completely fair, if there's no label on the bottle, you can't check it against the sign to make sure that's the right sign.

  25. I guess Kanye is overtly fascist and people have been recognizing it for years.

  26. Apparently he just outright stated "I'm a Nazi," in his interview with Alex Jones. Can't really get more overt than that.

  27. Lol! I hadn't seen the first video, so I just went and watched it. She was having a great time playing whack-a-mole with your dad!

  28. I was once told they banned them but I never checked. So I'm like 90% sure they did but if someone shows me they didn't I'll quickly change my position.

  29. After some extensive googling (trying to find something recent), I found an article from a forktruck manufacturer from 2020:

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