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  1. Monkey see monkey do. But you, monkey saw, monkey did not do.

  2. The first car was a warning to watch out, too bad you didn’t.

  3. My game updated to 1.11 but I have all 1.12 content is that normal? Games a buggy mess right now for me.

  4. Whenever I played PvP nobody really communicates or focuses on objectives. Co op most communicate and play objective, to me it’s a lot more fun when you play that way instead of just running around and going for kills

  5. You don’t have to throw so hard just flick controller downwards

  6. I just bought a pair, and the crease around the ankle is painful, is this normal?

  7. Honestly, the enemies are the least of my problems, my one and only problem is dying during a kill animation. Infuriating. 150% of my deaths are because my character is locked in the kill animation.

  8. Common sense that’s not so common nowadays.

  9. You still have to pay for Iki dlc. It doesn’t come along with directors cut.

  10. I agree with you. Just upgrade your spear stance as soon as possible. It’ll automatically parry any incoming spear attack while doing heavy attack.

  11. If you’ve ever seen Naruto, it’s from there. “Uchiha clan”

  12. It’s been forever since they made a good game. Literally makes me depressed cause I love video games but they care about money more than anything else now.

  13. I loved the sixaxis steering for dualshocks. It’d make any racing game much more enjoyable.

  14. Ozark. Only 3 seasons so far.

  15. It has to be shamans deflect stab. Raiders chain heavies just have hyper armor.

  16. Remember, accuracy over speed!

  17. https://giphy.com/gifs/TIUzDChxd7h4c

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