1. I haven't either I kinda got tired of alain telling me to go to a bunch different locations just to scan a part and leave also I got bored but I do like the base building and I wish the juke box was added into the original game

  2. If you are serious: Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. It’s taught in schools as a way to remember those states. They look like a chef, the hat being Minnesota and feet is Louisiana.

  3. By the way I am a guy my hair makes me look like a female unless it goes straight down

  4. Which is funny when EVERY one wanted a cave update man do I miss the old world generation

  5. it's called magic eraser and was made to remove objects from pictures, if you use it on large areas you get these bad artefacts

  6. Jesus christ I didn't know that there were artifacts til you told me

  7. I've played with a friend and let's just say the horses are the fucking worst

  8. I remember playing on Xbox in 1.3 and Every night would be a blood moon it was annoying

  9. Open source the game so they don't have to add anything

  10. There are several aways around that, the easiest being playit.gg

  11. Being able to link up minecarts and make them faster

  12. I wish subnautica looked liked this it would be so sick

  13. I got my first RoD after dying with a mediumcore character, and my stuff was nearly in hell layer.

  14. You are the first person In the world that played on a mediumcore charater

  15. Science is green. Math is red. English is blue. History is yellow.

  16. Scince blue. English green. Math red. History yellow.

  17. I recognize icecream sandwich, but who the other guy? Which channel is this (also, MINECRAFT IS MINECRAFT)

  18. I just looked up the torch god and shared the first wiki link will know for next time

  19. you basically asked mods to ban you in the coming future

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