1. I "finished" a ML program that can figure out if it's a plant or animal 🤣 and it's about 95% right... so good luck with the detecting of breast cancer

  2. Depends on how much accuracy you want out of it. Does it have to be 100% accurate or just be able to flag potential area's on X-rays/ultrasounds for a doctor to examine? I'd say the latter might already be a boon. The goal should be for the AI not to replace the doctor, but help the doctor.

  3. What kind of modifications are you looking for? Off-roading or just styling?

  4. Oh nothing crazy but yeah mostly off road geared things, a piece of trim here, roof racks, lights, engine upgrades, weight saving alternatives, suspension that kind of stuff. It’s an amazing vehicle so I get why people don’t. I mainly like to do that stuff just to do it, I love any excuse I can get to work on my cars 😅

  5. I'm afraid you'll find few off-road accessories for the Evoque. Not that is can't go off-road (unless it's an eD4 one), but the people who buy an Evoque tend not to do those things. Most accessories made for the Evoque is to change the way it looks.

  6. Answer: What we know is that Srdjan Djokovic posed for pictures with fans who holds a Russian flag with a picture of Vladimir Putin on it and signs with the letter 'Z'. Some say he is a supporter of Russia, Novak Djokovic says he is not. Perhaps this gets compounded by the fact the Serbia is generally pro-Russia.

  7. Not sure if that sticker meant as ironic or joking, but I wouldn't put one on my vehicle.

  8. Answer: The short answer is because blocking Swedish NATO membership is beneficial to Turkish president Erdogan. Erdogan can make himself look like a strong leader which will help him out in the next presidential elections on the 14th of may as well as extract concessions from Sweden and other NATO members.

  9. It's an L405, but this one has been modified with a bodykit seeing as the original lettering on the bonnet is gone and it now carries the name of whomever supplied this bodykit.

  10. It's these pinnacles of class and taste.

  11. Make a beautifully designed and styled luxury car more gaudy. I suppose this does well with all the influencers and football players.

  12. Most tasks you list depend on the GPU and not so much the CPU. Video playback and decoding will done with the builtin Intel UHD graphics. This should be enough for watching 4K content, for most codecs it will have hardware support so it shouldn't cause a major overhead. It won't be the best at Photoshop, but if you're patient it will work. If you want more powerful integrated graphics perhaps look at the AMD versions of this laptop, their integrated graphics tend to be more powerful.

  13. Like with any car, always worth getting someone to look it over. Do these have the IRDs that can be expensive to repair, and often the car has magically become a front wheel drive only?

  14. The Freelander 2 uses a Haldex coupling for the rear wheels.

  15. The Freelander 2 is the most reliable car Land Rover ever made. The 2.2 diesel is capable of reaching high mileages without much trouble.

  16. A puff of white-ish smoke on a cold morning is normal, but a constant stream for minutes isn't.

  17. Yes, that price is way too much. In the end this is an almost 20 year old Discovery II with nothing remarkable about it. Mileage isn't super low or anything and it appears to be in the condition you'd expect it to be after so many years.

  18. The fact the catalytic converters cost a lot of money is the reason they get stolen in the first place. Chances are you can buy your old one back from a local breaker or garage. Thieves usually sell them that way and you could even end up getting your old catalytic converter fitted.

  19. Like the original post says, the Doomsday Clock originally focussed on nuclear war as the only means by which the world would end. In recent years more threats to humanity were added to the list of criteria that determines what the clock will say.

  20. So some general information I once posted already to discuss the Discovery range:

  21. Do you have to replace the transmission pan every time you replace the ATF? I've recently done it for the first time but feel it should be done again. Getting a whirling noise about 2500 rpm. Also some clunking on cold start up.

  22. Only if you still have the old pan with the plastic bits. Usually when you remove the standard sump from the autobox the plastic pipes just snap off. Most people take this opportunity to fit an uprated sump with metal pipes.

  23. Keep in mind that USB-C is limited in bandwith so it can't handle as much screens as Thunderbolt can. If these screens are in 1080 resolution your going to max out that bandwith very quickly.

  24. Thank you for you comment. I know it has limitations, and not guaranteed to work. But it got me wondering what's wrong since it works on one laptop and not on the other.

  25. Your T470s has a maximum bandwith of 5Gb/s over USB-C and the T490s has one USB-C port that can do 10Gb/s. The T490s should be able to drive the most things through your dock, in theory. However which DisplayPort and HDMI standard are being used will also play a part in this, the higher the standard the more bandwith you'll need.

  26. Answer: As you might know prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been accusing the Royal Family for some time now of racism, being abusive and a whole host of other things since they left for the USA. Since then have been part of various projects in which they repeat these accusations over and over. The most recent projects being a Netflix series which reportedly earned them 100 million USD and Harry released an autobiography, which is making him a good deal if money it appears. Especially the book caused some controversy, Harry blames a lot of his more infamous moments, like dressing up in a nazi costume, on his brother and his brothers wife who would have put him up to it.

  27. Great info thanks . Do you have a part number/source for pcv valves ? Would appreciate that

  28. LR133579 is the partnumber for the PCV valve service kit. It will cost you about £31 from Land Rover themselves.

  29. The power steering pumps on these older Land Rover weren't the greatest. If you turn the wheel a lot whilst not moving it puts a big strain on the pump and eventually the seals will fail, causing it to leak fluids and eventually it dies.

  30. Answer: This past saturday Swedish-Danish far-right activist Rasmus Paludan burned a Quran in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, in protest against muslims and migration of muslims to Sweden. Paludan is also a conspiracy theorist who believes European people are being replaced with muslims as part of some plot.

  31. I'd focus first on what board you want. That is the way I did it when I got my Z690 board and it turned out all the features I wanted were only on DDR5 boards at the time. So I bought one of those and took the hit when it came to buying DDR5.

  32. If digital works for you just go to Topix. Some instructions there are free, some you have to pay for but you can save them afterwards. The information however is straight from Land Rover themselves so it will be the most accurate you can get.

  33. FAANG never was what it used to be. I'd say a good chunk of what people think about FAANG is more or less a myth. FAANG can make applicants jump through a ton of silly hoops just because of their name and reputation. If it was any other business the applicants would have walked already. This also allows them to impose a lot of the work-life balance of their employees.

  34. The 11th gen Intel CPUs run very hot, but this sounds like your cooler isn't up to the task, or something is wrong with how the cooler is seated or the paste.

  35. It is absolutely massive. I'm not sure for whom they made this. The current 110 is very big by European standards, you'll have a hard time parking a 110 somewhere and still be able to get out. Confined spaces in older parking garages are a no go for New Defender.

  36. TPMS can be very annoying. During cold days you can get a warning about low pressure until you drive a bit and everything warms up and the pressure is fine again. But up to that moment you're staring at the warnings. It's a rather sensitive system all in all, but since it has become mandatory at least in the UK/EU for new cars you can't disable it that easily. If you want to get rid of it you need to edit the CCF to do so.

  37. If you've already tuned the system and it is not to your liking the options are limited. I suppose that if you are a true audiophile no factory fitted system will ever do, or rarely. The power and quality of the speakers might just not be enough in this case.

  38. Honestly I just accepted factory defaults for it. I've got the Alpine system and it sounds pretty good out of the box, at least for me it does. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile by any stretch, but I enjoy some nice tunes.

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