1. Flog your belly and tits, insert a vibe into your cunt, edge you while clamping your tits, then flogging you again until and while you cum helplessly.

  2. Ask her if she wants me to dominate her throat and, if she nods, gather up two fistfuls of her hair and do just that.

  3. Make you get down on your hands and knees, step on your leash, and cane your ass and thighs until you're a mewling mess.

  4. A caning on that fine ass, an extended edging session with an insertible vibe interlaced with a thorough anal fucking.

  5. I please to push you back against that headboard and dominate your mouth and throat with my cock.

  6. I’d slide a steel hook with a fat ball into your asshole, tie the free end to your hand cuffs on a short leash, give you a vigorous flogging on your cheeks and thighs, then finger fuck you until you’re a sopping mess.

  7. Attach the midpoint of the chain to the foot of your bed, lean back until it’s taut, and masturbate. If a clamp slips free, ice it, tighten the clamp a hair, and reattach, then affix a clothepin elsewhere on your tit before masturbating again.

  8. I'll tip you over onto your side, cut that panty strip, straddle you, and fuck your slutty holes.

  9. I'll stuff that silk into your mouth, strap it in place around your head, then cross and bind your wrists over behind your head before roughly finger fucking your slippery cunt.

  10. I'm thinking a nice series of floggings for your thighs and belly before using a vibe on your clit for a series of forced orgasms. Were there a fixed point on that wall, I'd want to clamp your nipples tightly and run twine lines to that point, tightening until your body mass is being pulled slightly, and will accommodate and accentuate your writhing as you cum.

  11. I’ll strap a wand vibrator to your thigh with its head pressed against your clit, perch myself on that headboard facing you, and dominate your throat with my cock.

  12. I’d tie rope cuffs around your wrists and attach them through that ring on a short rope of about a foot and a half, forcing your arms up into an awkward begging pose, then lean back and make you stroke my cock with your hands while I smack your face and tits.

  13. Hell yeah. I’d have you spin around to straddle him facing him, slowly pull out that plug, teasing your ring with its widest point until it’s nice and relaxed, then slide my head in, grab those soft hips, and help you take it in as deep as you want.

  14. Go be a fucking misogynist on your own time and in your own space, chuckles.

  15. Well, it seems the people have spoken. You possess no sense of humour whatsoever, nor a sense of decorum. The verdict is in. You will now be tied up and ass fucked until you make the same face. Your going to need a bigger boat to come at me. Please feel free to do so in this community space. I’ll completely eviscerate you for the enjoyment of the forum. Learn to read a room.

  16. I’ll make you kneel with a wand vibe strapped to your thigh, nestled against your cunt, tie your wrists behind your back, run a chain of paper clips between those binder clips, then hang a stapler on it.

  17. Strap a rubber bit gag across it and finger you silly until your tits are slick with spit.

  18. Not very long. That ass demands an anal hook with a thick ball, tied tightly and cinched up a couple of inches to fixed point in the ceiling above. Add a couple of clothespin zipper lines up the middle of the back of each of your legs, and see what transpires from there.

  19. I appreciate a woman who’s not afraid to ask for exactly what she wants.

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