1. Sooooo what you're saying is 'workers of the world unite, we have nothing to lose but our chains'?

  2. The distortion is his cruddy cell phone camera, this video is full of such distortions

  3. I don't want to take chances and lose the sub, my account, and all of my work.

  4. Hopefully you are backing up your work outside of reddit. If you aren't, you must take the time out to do this.

  5. Ya it adds up to meaningless you get no where the same conspiracies have been in the same boat for years and years because they don’t progress they just keep you there in it never learning a thing

  6. Celebrities are there so you pay attention to what they’re doin, either idolizing or the opposite. Both the same hands. Might as well idolize them at this point lol

  7. He probably accidently logged out, can't keep track of his million different accounts and respective passwords and now his account is gone forever

  8. The Disco Biscuits is a jam band who used to hold Camp Bisco. I heard that prior to Montage Mountain, Bisco was great.

  9. People are to blinded by the justifiable rage that they get from the ad to ever accept this, and its sad to see the people who see through everything getting to so easily manipulated by the people they hate.

  10. This can be a very deep rabbit hole. The story of Michael can be found in almost every culture and religious text with variations in names and translations. You can find connections from Apollo to Zeus in Greek Mythology. Although the connection to Apollo has been noted specifically throughout much of history with the Apollo-St Michael axis along the Leylines and ancient structures built amongst them.

  11. Is it possible to read this Urantia section on Michael without reading the entire Urantia book?

  12. These ai bots pull from information on the internet tho. So they may just be pulling it from Saturn occult sites. I wouldn’t look too much into it

  13. New Falcon put out a range of relevant stuff from the 80s and 90s, as well as reviving some earlier work, including republishing Crowley. Robert Anton Wilson is one of that oeuvre who explicitly addressed bihemispheric interests in his overall account of his experiments in brain-change, in 1977's

  14. Just to add to your first paragraph, I’ve read TV screens are basically scrying mirrors

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