1. How he ended up in this situation

  2. OMG, I had exactly the same bag. Used it for almost 4 years in my school days.

  3. I like how you censored the username and DP in the picture and yet revealed his username in the caption lmao

  4. Isnt the DDIA book pretty massive? Not sure if you could do all that in 3 weeks

  5. Indeed it is, Op can you please let us know what's your strategy with this? Thanks

  6. Non-Kannadiga here, but these helped me in my time here.

  7. Thanks for this, just a curious question, when learning a new language is it good to start with questions since the response would be in the same language which might be difficult to understand?

  8. Count the number of islands initially and mark the clusters, when a insert happens look around 4 directionally and connect to the clusters if present and decrease the count of total islands if you connect to more than one island. Increase by one if there are none. Doable using union find by adding nodes in a cluster under one parent. Best I can think of at the moment.

  9. Not that you asked but just wanted to make sure you know this, if you arrive later than a certain date(decided by your university) then you might not be allowed to do CPT, I'll highly suggest consulting your university regarding late arrivals

  10. I still remember exchanging pc games, music, movies with friends at school in them, ahh good old days!

  11. Nope, in case asked just be ready to explain and you should be fine

  12. If you're entering the US within 30 days prior to the start date you're good. In case the immigration officer asks the reason you can explain it to them and also as a proof you can show them your onwards ticket to your college city before your program start.

  13. Your admit letter contains your mailing address and your passport contains your permanent address, they're very likely to be different. Even in my case I had different addresses on my admit letter and passport but my admit letter was never asked during the whole visa process. In your case just be ready to explain what were your ties with the address mentioned on the admit letter.

  14. Yeah I got an interview as well, but for C++. Would love to know what to expect.

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