Toddler enjoys the small elevator which his family build for him

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FROM THE US HOUSE COMMITTEE - CONFIRMED - That Ken Griffin LIED under Oath to Congress - There is NO DENYING it now... #KENGRIFFINLIED #VLADLIEDTOO - Ken Griffin needs to be held accountable for this action!

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  1. My very first sigil was designed during an intense manic episode. Its intention was “learn and Grow”.

  2. I feel like I have definitely experienced something similar. It is incredibly bazaar and incredibly isolating to experience such intense psychological disturbances and emotions while delving into those realms of reality and non-reality. I felt for the longest time demons manifested themselves at any given moment - through any being. Through friends even, that these forces were somehow so powerful that they could overtake and lead individuals to certain behaviors and motives. It reminded me of the Matrix- as if agent smith comes through anyone- though in my experience, observed as demonic. I remember doing psychedelics pretty regularly and I would hear voices, and swear I could both hear/feel peoples thoughts. Like echos of a certain frequency/radio station. I swore I could hear other peoples emotions/thoughts through music even at times. Perhaps I am clairaudient. It’s hard to say. If I am, I haven’t figured out how to control it or what to make of it… I realized delusions and practicing magic can really actually go hand in hand. Objectively speaking, we can acknowledge that practicing magicians perform rituals with goetic forces/demons if you will… not all of them - but this is a belief that is tried and practiced. For many, it is used for advancing themselves in the material realm, for money, love, power, whatever.

  3. There is a wee bit more than that, from what I can see, at least where I am in bountiful. Perfect ski weather! I’m beginning to truly appreciate the cold and harsh weather/moments these days. It’s all mind over matter. But it is refreshing! Probably wouldn’t have felt or thought that a few years ago. Winters have their ups and downs still… but there is always sun shining behind those clouds as a wise man once said to me. Stay cozy!

  4. You're not wrong. Every temporary thing will end. Even the best relationships will end in death (hopefully after a long fulfilling life). So I suggest reframing this truth: because I know that this will end, I must live it fully and enjoy it fully, to the best of my ability, now, before it's too late.

  5. Doesn’t it make you appreciate what you do have now even deeper? By being present? Mind is matter, matter is mind… it is much easier said than done… you don’t listen to music to get to the end, we are the music, the grand symphony of life, and the crescendo eventually fades and winds and twists and turns and gets rough and - ends… but what a beautiful buzz

  6. I feel you one hundred percent. I have/am experiencing something similar. I wasn’t really close to my family growing up. There was a lot of nonsense I endured as a child. When I met my (now) ex husband... I felt like I finally had someone in my life who cared about me but in some ways, during our marriage I was somehow still convinced that I needed to test him to know if he really cared, along with exhibiting self-sabotaging behavior because I truly didn’t feel worthy of him. This, now realizing in hindsight was a cognitive distortion and behavior coming from my childhood trauma.

  7. Agreed! What a beautiful sight 🙏❤️ They’re slowly popping up around the world - changed my life Thanks for sharing!

  8. Awe. The other seal in the back minding his own business- “alright, I’m ready! Ahhhhh!”

  9. 😂 make a flower - filling holes and laying pipe in all positions 😂🤣😂 gold

  10. Okay... brand baby new here. What app is best for buying crypto? Robinhood I hear is awful - any suggestions?

  11. This is the kind of stuff you would get hanged for in the Olden days.

  12. It was Game of Thrones in the olden days. The sorcerers and witches that knew how to defend themselves ended up all being hunted and burned

  13. Mark my words....unfortunately the corruptness of our government is too deep...NOTHING will happen. We literally have congressman, ceos, coos, senators, fbi directors, presidents, cia directors, etc etc going back to the early 90s on video tape lying under oath. The whole rules for thee, not for me thing.

  14. Going back to the 60s... they were learning about rioting and gorilla warfare even then. They know what to do in the event people come together and riot. Oh wait. Isn’t that why covid happened? A bunch of people rioting all over because of Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd incident? Oh wait. Right. Fear and bio warfare is the name of the game now.

  15. It all comes down to the intent of any particular path, and the stories that we tell "ourselves," and where they lead.

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