1. Your writing in general is perfect, as a native speaker I even thought for a while that some of the letters were misspelled because we are mixing handwritten and typographic variants in the text as from the keyboard. The way you wrote it looks more perfect than most Russians

  2. Nice work! Try to write russian "в" with larger upper circle, so that it doesn't look like english "b".

  3. There is a Skyscraper of 2 in rows 3 and 6, including using an unmarked 2 in r3c8. This removes the 2 from r2c2 and r4c1.

  4. Baths. I absolutely hate them, like I'm just sitting there not knowing what to do, they're not even comfy.

  5. I just googled it and aside from immediately erasing that search from my history I'm unsettled just by the synopsis.

  6. There should be a bit below explaining. None of the spikes go above high so it looks like you're fine. The flatline either means there was no variation during that time or it wasn't able to record

  7. It's sort of dismissive and casual. It's hard to be more specific without knowing what kind of formal occasion was taking place, but it's the type of thing you say to a friend when deciding where to eat because you know them well enough to make assumptions and it's fair for you to take a decision making roll. Those aren't assumptions you want to make or imply in formal settings.

  8. I'm sorry, what does TOH stands for? Cuz I don't think it stands for "The Owl House" in this case

  9. Town of Host, it's a modded version of among us which gives a bunch of different roles. If you ever join a lobby that's TOH you'll see a blue name under the hosts name

  10. Not all toh host are toxic, my friend miss toh host her own lobby's and she absolutely lovely

  11. I actually recognise that name, think I played on hers before and she was great

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