1. All of his responses are red flags. It’s total word salad and he’s deflecting every question you ask. If I were you, I’d do myself a favor and continue to shop around for a coach.

  2. Absurd. You’d think for their prices they’d at least ensure near top notch quality.

  3. C13H says:

    posting screenshots here because this is strange and im curious too. never knew SA was married

  4. Yikes, I really hope for Sunny’s sake that’s not true. Had no idea she was married. Time to take a deep dive ⌨️

  5. according to him she’s married. I’ve only followed her on and off a few months. I’ve never seen anything about a husband. 🤔

  6. “Maybe he should have Lauralie do his next peak” 😂😂 my first thought when I saw this was this man is sucking in waaaaay too hard.

  7. Wasn’t… she just… hyping it up like last week when she was with working with Aldo…??? Hm. Weird.

  8. Kinda arrogant to assume everyone is there to look at you?? Most dudes are gross but the poor fella is probably legitimately there to lift.

  9. I think they’re okay. Their quality is good. Pretty comfy. Everything has fit flattering and I’ve bought tops, leggings, and bras. Only thing I wasn’t a giant fan of was the shorts. I had a huge cameltoe- if not for that they would be nice as well.

  10. Ugh the ego though <<<<<< He tries so hard to make himself seem ✨desirable✨ when 85% of his past athletes have nothing but god awful things to say of him.

  11. 🙄 that has absolutely zero to do with how people are going to interact and treat one another.

  12. Good lord her facial expressions. Forever looking like she attempting a big sh*t.

  13. This broke my heart. I wish I could give you a hug right now friend. You didn’t deserve those things. They weren’t your fault. There’s absolutely nothing in this world you could’ve done to do deserve that, no one does. As for your imam, he deserves to rot. One day justice of some sort will be served to him.

  14. This collab will no doubt be as cringe as Addison herself with all of her KoOky faces and tik tok dances.

  15. I would recommend this guys channel. Puts up good info.

  16. Not a recommendation but one to stay away from IMO: Liv Rae fit’s programs. I bought her peach program and did not think it was all that great/ or well thought out. Other people have had negative things to say about her 1-on-1 coaching too and it’s expensive as hell. However- of course she tries to sell them like they’re life changers. So watch for that.

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