1. Before puberty, yes. After puberty, no. Boys and girls are on par before puberty but the way testosterone changes the male body gives it a massive advantage compared to females as they do not undergo this.

  2. But your title or the post is literally "drive by". There's no critical blunder other than getting into gang work and having affiliations because they got shot for being on the wrong side, not for standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  3. At least he shoved the civilians away and made them gtfo before initiating the boom

  4. Stunning right? Add more flora around and this is a really cool tropical themed gym.

  5. That's what I thought at first but then there wouldn't be a need to differentiate them as 1, 2, and 3.

  6. I mean there's a subreddit called transracial so I don't see why this is a problem either👍

  7. Yeah I know. I've been working out 4 times a week for the last 7 months and also I moisturize daily. But I'm full of stretch marks so i don't know if my skin is elastic enough

  8. Just get weights involved. You did some amazing cardio work to get that fat out but if you now couple cardio with resistance training, it'll serve you well.

  9. Can be sold to feed poor people that bag outside Indian temples!!

  10. Ah, when Indians start to get racist there is no filter lmao.

  11. It was an intense read. And it's too intense to be real tbh. Probably a troll masquerading as an Indian.

  12. NSFW? That's just a grown man moving his knee under a blanket. It's sad more than anything.

  13. And, well, you see the post modernists will claim "well if it's metaphysical we can't prove it to be true"- it's like no! Man, some matters are truer than true and this is actually something Jung talks about in his analysis of metaphorical substrates of imagination.

  14. Ayo Modi be causing wars since he was 12

  15. Being a muslim (dawoodi bohra). This is really shameful (what these guys did). anyways... justice served 👏. I know instant justice is wrong. but what the hell 🤷

  16. Yeah, Indians have been noticing too. One account I found was just generally anti India and didn't really hide much cos it wasn't some throwaway account as it had regular comments in middle Eastern subs. The other account had content that was 50% anti Indians in general and another 50% that was anti Hinduism (and one post was anti Hindu).

  17. Go on the sub, make a poll, and ask them how many are NRIs and how many are living in India lmao.

  18. That regime lasted for only 1 generation and crumbled like a sand castle. EVen that was marred by 100s of assassinations and backstabbings.

  19. But you have to commend the fact they're trying to actually regain their capital lmao. From their investors, nonetheless.

  20. Look at Google maps and basically explore West of the Sabarmati river that runs through the middle of Amdavad. The West is very developed and has all the tourist attractions and cool places to chill. Kankria is on the east side though along with some nice temples.

  21. Nah it's not that. Something else. My friend told me it's really nice to go but I forgot the name. It's like a whole street of food trucks and it's only evening+night time.

  22. Dude skipped 12th, has no clue about significant and insignificant values ☠️. You don't even need to know the terminology, just some common sense that this dude lacks, and then just proceeds to say 'not my question my boss's question' like bruh wtf did I see.

  23. Well, atleast i learned about significant values in detail after my SSC exams, so that's something.

  24. That's quite late tbh. You can't really learn decimals without covering that so I don't know how your school left it for so long.

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