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  1. If you‘re willing to venture a little further into the more distant future, Becky Chambers wrote a super cute series of Sci-Fi novels called „Wayfarer“. Each book focuses on a different story (sometimes more than one) of personal and interpersonal relationships in a world where humanity was kind of the last to join an interspecies galactic commons (and everyone else thinks they smell really bad). They‘re super fun to read, sometimes deeply beautiful and introspective and also very funny. Some characters are a bit Mark Watney-esque, especially in the second one („A Closed and Common Orbit“) - think decades of isolation on a planet you‘re trying to get away from with a ship you have to fix with scrap.

  2. In German we call them “Schlafmäuschen” (sleepy mice)

  3. Literally get off my ass, I‘m 22 😭

  4. Thank you!!! 🫶 it’s made me so excited to get better at crocheting!!! Feels so cool to MAKE something!!!

  5. Lara Violetta 🫶🫶🫶 love her!!! Just in the process of trying to make one of these for myself since I missed her sale last year

  6. Bold of you to assume we just stick with one for the rest of our lives. I‘m a German who lived in the UK for a year as a student, came back with a thick Yorkshire accent. Met my American boyfriend who made it his mission to „fix“ my accent, three years later I sound like I‘m from the PNW.

  7. Shingles. It will get more painful and those bumps will turn into blisters that eventually form a crust. When it gets more painful make sure he’s taking a sufficient amount of painkillers since you can easily develop chronic nerve pain from not medicating shingles adequately. A speedy recovery to your dad!!!

  8. There‘s a Cy Twombly piece called „Nini‘s Painting“ that he painted after his friend Nini passed away. I‘m not a big art-person but when I first stood in front of that painting - before knowing the context - it just looked like pain. I can’t explain it and it really only makes sense when you see it in person but it feels like somebody is crying out in grief through the paint.

  9. We discovered another one like it: “sync by honeybunny” and in trying to research it found this post. This feels like an internet easter egg - there’s fake books, medical websites and furniture - all under the name “sync by honeybunny”.

  10. I think you meant this is Kim Kardashian at the Met

  11. What symptoms did you experience during the episode that made you believe you were having a heart attack? If there was pain can you describe the quality of it (sharp, dull, etc.)?

  12. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/10/18/americas/colombia-hippos-drug-gonacon-intl-latam/index.html

  13. hiya, feel free to come by. I have all fruits :)

  14. feel free to come visit. stores are open

  15. hey I‘d be willing to try, no need to pay me :)

  16. It‘s a little crowded rn but I‘ll let you know when

  17. I‘ll DM you the dodo in a bit. Don‘t want to cause too much air traffic, but I‘ll let you know in 5

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