Overly excited pomeranian does agility

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  1. Why do the girls always gotta scream.

  2. And the idiot shouting "WORLSTAR"

  3. There was a time inst and insiders held over 110%.

  4. Not insiders. Just institutions. Dont you remember how RC called the board out how they only owned like .01% of the float?

  5. If theyre going for $15 euro now...whos really laughing 😃?

  6. If you tell a japanase something like "youtuber" they will have no idea what youre saying...then if you say "youtubah" theyre like OHH youtubah very coo

  7. When the 70ms cat meets the 40ms snake :sob:

  8. Operation dropping on Tuesday update confirmed

  9. "Ember – A winter storm has hit Ember, expect delays".

  10. Cool Ember Operation confirmed next week!!!

  11. If you think is a good investment i wouldnt try to hype them up while the sale still active...

  12. Companies that are on notice for not meeting nasdaq requirements are basically already on their way out, cellar-boxed to oblivion.

  13. People think it will be similar to rox holo.

  14. Holos. Very cheap compared to how hard they are to get.

  15. After the KO his friends be like... "Why you do that?" But it's okay if their friend is the one swinging. Oh the irony.

  16. His buddies were swinging back at the smaller guy but when big dog KOed his friend they were like "excuse me sir why did you do that?"

  17. It's a rare case, and there are not many left. The price will (probably) slowly continue to go up over time as long as CS:go remains popular. There are often fluctuations, and it may go down before up. It's near an all time high right now.

  18. Valve could literally make all cases purchaseable directly from them and add a mechanic how to obtain them by playing as well. They did it before with stickers... Yes i would sell.

  19. Oh you mean the ROI on opening a certain case/capsule?

  20. Seems right. Rio stickers were released in October but the sale hasnt lasted as long as AW yet.

  21. Prices very stagnant. Rather put money in something with more demand.

  22. Teams with jks seem to be unstoppable

  23. OhnePixel should know better, if he had scammed, he has essentially used his platform to promote scamming, no ifs, no buts.

  24. The fact that ohnepixel did not bring up the elephant in the room is not a good look for both.

  25. I read the title as blow job job instructor at first

  26. Apex here, delete this tweet now

  27. Rats are terrified of anything that slightly moves, even the feeling/sound of breathing. They'd never get that close to a human unless they're domesticated, even if they're asleep. And they definitely wouldn't put their head right next to where air is constantly hitting their face

  28. Go to new york youll see rats fighting for pizza while humans walk by

  29. If youre so sure they will drop soon...thats when youre supposed to sell. Rio is going up atm because most people anticipate a rise when they get removed. Then a drop MAY happen if valve releases new stickers.

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