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  1. No need to apologise brother. Please educate others of your understanding. That's what we appreciate here

  2. Yes. Since that conversation with my friend I have been making a conscious effort to make others understand. It’s been harder than I had anticipated though. I realized that it’s not easy to do this without sounding patronizing. Will keep learning and spreading the word.

  3. Cringe 🤦‍♂️ no One asked for your apologies

  4. Music. I find unparalleled beauty in both Hindustani classical and Carnatic music.

  5. Yep, between PDH and PDA, we as a society have chosen to allow PDH but not PDA.

  6. Bro love aur lust toh different hote haina?

  7. Pata nahi yaar. Mujhe to lust nahi dikh raha. It’s not like they’re groping each other or something.

  8. None of them. But they aren't using Modi's photo anymore. they're showing Nadda vs Rahul vs Kejriwal.

  9. 56 never takes responsibility for anything. If what you are saying is true, Nadda is being prepared as a scapegoat in case BJP does lose the election.

  10. “For eg” nahi hota hai bhai. “eg” itself means “for example”.

  11. Beda, biddi piyega? (Sorry, could not resist, I am going to hell for this)

  12. Yeah, they will ruin Gujrat like they’ve ruined Delhi with ubiquitous access to quality education and primary healthcare. /s

  13. I might be wrong. But doesn't it sound like that OP has tuberculosis?

  14. Could be a lot of things. Hopefully it’s just a bad case of flu. He does need to see a doctor and get some actual medicine.

  15. Indians typically tend to over medicate, have low tolerance to pain and need hospital for every single thing. It’s normal cough, takes about 7-10 days to get better, continue with hot water for some temporary relief. There is actually no real cure for cough. All medicines are just temporary relief.

  16. Tell me you’re not a doctor without telling me you’re not a doctor.

  17. He’s the Sarpanch Sirsad needs, but not the one it deserves right now.

  18. Most of us have installed pothole detection system. It's one of the must haves if you are driving in Bangalore.

  19. This is a really cool idea. I might do this over the weekend. Crowdsourced pothole map using a machine learning model trained with data from accelerometer and gyroscope on mobile phones. With a decent installbase (a few hundred users), it should be possible to give alerts like “pothole/uneven road ahead”.

  20. I'd rather watch Scott's tots 11times than perfect blue

  21. It’s an episode from “The Office”. Pure cringe even for hardcore Dunder Mifflinites like me!

  22. Bro.. clearly you’ve not been to Mumbai. Let alone lane discipline, Mumbai does not follow signals, one way’s, no parking rules - nothing basically. Having been in Bangalore for 22 years, I can tell you Mumbai is significantly worse. Come here once and you’ll be grateful for Bangalore

  23. Depends on which part of mumbai. If you’re talking about ‘the town’ (essentially anything south of Bandra), driving discipline is quite good.

  24. Seriously people get fined for not following lane discipline in Mumbai, Calcutta?

  25. I was fined in south Mumbai for turning left while I was in the second lane from the left. I was a new driver in 2005 when this happened.

  26. Came here to say this. Fuck MSY and the likes of him.

  27. चल भाग मात्रसंभोगी लिंगरूपी अधम मनुष्य।

  28. Kuch bhi? Iss logic se toh ek dukaandaar ko elon musk se compare karoge🤡

  29. आप कदाचित पोस्ट का उद्देश्य नहीं समझ पाए। अतिशयोक्ति का प्रयोग करना पडे़ तो इसे comedy नहीं कह सकते। Tweet करने वाले ने आतिशयोक्ति की भी आतिशयोक्ति कर दी है। इसीलिए Komedi.

  30. any post related to india and you will see the usual racist comments. Probably people with underdeveloped brains..cant believe evolution didnt wipe em losers out sooner.. well gotta wait for a few more years i guess

  31. It’s ok. Let them be. I pity those people. Their sense of self worth is tied to demeaning others. That is a horrible way to live life and a recipe for being unhappy. They are suffering in the prisons of their own minds. Let them be.

  32. I almost converted to Christianity at one point in my life but I decided to study the three dominant religions (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity) in India before doing so. In the end, I discovered that only Hinduism gave me the freedom to be who I am and allowed me to question everything including the scriptures. Today, I am a Hindu atheist and as odd as that sounds, it is only possible in Hinduism. I am an atheist, I am a Hindu, and I am very comfortable being both!

  33. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that “there’s no such thing as a real psychic”. Also, to top it off, “there is no such thing as magic”

  34. So I'm asking you to reference these videos that you're talking about?

  35. I've seen this video and as condemnable as this is, he did go to jail for it, i.e. the law of the land took precedence. What I'm now curious about is if you have any other instances apart from this one? Or are you basing your opinion on this video alone?

  36. Nope. It would be bot-el ov vater

  37. Can confirm. I had been doing this my whole life until someone pointed out that W and V have different sounds. The reason lies in the fact that in Hindi (and other related languages) both W and V are represented by the same alphabet- व

  38. Chhole Kulche. I can’t describe how much I miss Chhole Kulche.

  39. Thanks do you think it's enough time for either of those flights?

  40. Air India is definitely the way to go. But you should keep your guard up and save time at every opportunity possible once you land in Delhi. Domestic checkin counters close 1hr before departure (or 45 mins, my memory is failing me). So, you have less time than you think.

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