AITA for making our daughter (17f) clean our horse's stalls against her will?

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  1. This is iffy because when a kid is acting out I always want to know why, (basically there’s missing context in the post.) But I do want to say I don’t think most of the people in the comment section know anything about cleaning out horse stalls. Horse poop is not like dog poop, because they eat grass hay and grains. It’s hard and barely has a smell, and cleaning out two stalls is a very fast job. You scoop it into a wheelbarrow and then add more hay. I used to do this for riding lessons. It’s not a disgusting exhausting thing to do. I’m not excusing them pitting their kids against each other, but I was kinda shocked by the comment section acting like this is the most disgusting farm work you could possibly do.

  2. I hate this scene, but weirdly seeing it like this it makes more sense. I don’t think she still had feelings for him but there was something there with her still wanting to impress him. She and Chandler got into that huge fight because she had lunch with Richard once. This scene leads us into Richard wanting to marry her and her ultimately choosing Chandler. So while her behavior sucks, this is basically removing any doubt there could’ve been with Richard, which they also did with Phoebe and David.

  3. Maybe try wrapping a scarf around them next time to heep them on your head?

  4. Aren't you scared that they're gonna tug and rip your hair out as you move? I also have thin, sparse, wispy hair and that is my first concern.

  5. No, I clipped them on very snugly so they didn’t move when I moved. It’s a tedious process though to get it right so you may prefer overnight curlers instead. You can still get volume doing that if you put your hair in a super high ponytail and then wrap flexirods or pillow curlers around your hair on top of your head. You can use a cloth hair tie or scrunchie so your hair isn’t being pulled at.

  6. I agree with everyone that they’re too full, but keep in mind that they’ll fall out so they’re going to thin out! They certainly don’t look awful though, I’ve actually seen way thicker. As long as you aren’t in pain it should be okay. When I wear glue-on fake lashes they do feel heavy and I can see them.

  7. I was almost positive when first watching that the scene would end with like a record scratch and someone not making the jump and falling, cutting to them in a hospital bed

  8. Ted’s apartment is on the third floor, not counting the bar (I assume), and the roof is above his apartment. So if they fell they would die. That’s why the scene is insane lol.

  9. It would’ve been a way better premise if the fall wouldn’t have killed them

  10. Would have to be light spring though because the brighter colors seem overwhelming and the light pink looks amazing.

  11. It’s really weird to me that people are attacking OP here. I agree it’s not something to end a relationship over, but come on, this isn’t about a necklace. For one it’s about her boyfriend being dishonest, and secondly it’s about sentimental value. If you think something is special and intimidate but found out that your partner did the same thing for someone else and is covering it, that’s messed up. There’s also the social aspect of people/friends seeing this man’s girlfriends all wearing the same necklace? It’s embarrassing and hurtful. If I were dating a guy and he said he wanted to give me a necklace his ex gave back because he couldn’t afford something else, that would be completely different. The issue is about trust and honesty. They just need to have a conversation.

  12. Last photo is best! I agree about clean shaven or maybe stubble, I saw you said your skin gets irritated so maybe an electric razor?

  13. It’s hard to tell with the makeup! I would posting draping with no makeup :)

  14. I think you’re a spring. Springs can borrow from winter and also wear more neutral colors.

  15. I’ve known some girls who work at Disney and they’ll typically only cast Rapunzel if a girl has a nose like yours. It has to be an upturned or ski slope nose like the cartoon. Pretty sought after actually.

  16. It looks great! Looks so much warmer on you than it does on me! (I can’t even wear it.)

  17. We should make a like master thread of all the different colours - sounds like there’s less Pokémon than shade variants for this lipstick lmao

  18. Honestly that would be kind of amazing lol. I’d definitely contribute if the mods started one

  19. Hello! So I need help to hit a very high note that is supposed to sound belted but I cannot belt it lol. I believe it is a G5 that I have to sing as a female mezzo soprano. I really need help and all I've gotten in terms of help from most people is to just relax. I really try to relax when I do it but if there's anything else you can give me for help I am in desperate need! Thank you queen!

  20. That’s a high note!! It definitely can’t be truly belted up there, so like you said it has to sound belted. You definitely need to do more than just relax! It’s going to be a very thin and small condensed sound. I would look up @emilykristenmorris on Instagram, she does a lot of exercises for notes like that. The bratty “nay nay nay” ones, and watch her warm up for Elphaba. @gemmasugrue on YouTube also has great ones, check out the one for “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato! I can’t really type the description of what it sounds like but they have great examples. I hope this helps!💗

  21. Thank you so much for the response! I'll try the condensed note idea and the "oo" scale and maintain my support strong.

  22. Please explain why Black Honey doesn’t work for you. I used the real one years ago. Recently bought the Cover Girl dupe and it is a bit too brown for me. I usually like berry or plum tones for lips with my fair pink skin.

  23. Black Honey is too cool toned, but mostly too muted for me. I have warm saturated skin so a muted purple color makes me look ill.

  24. It is! I feel like it would pull very different on each skin tone though! The reason I never got it originally was because it looked so pale in swatches, but it was just on darker skin tones.

  25. I think you should do a pinker lip! Also I think I middle part would suit you most♥️

  26. I second this. Powder black eyeshadow can break and get everywhere and ruin clothing and also will get all over your face if applying super fast.

  27. I agree. I think any powder, liquid, and gel in a tub suggestions are going to be too messy for what op needs.

  28. Definitely. Mostly because they only have a few seconds. With a jumbo pencil they could smear it on and even very quickly blend with a cheap brush so it doesn’t get on their fingers. Gel liner is very thick so it wouldn’t blend out like that. Pencil eyeliner that’s soft might, but again with a small pencil it would probably take too long.

  29. I think for a bright spring Hush Blue would be the closest. Magic Mint is closer to light spring. Since they’re in your ears it’s really not as important as clothing. I think going with white or black would also be just fine. I’m pale but if it were me personally I would probably go for either of the blues if I didn’t chose black or white. If you’re a white person the pink could look like a weird growth (if you’re POC it may be fine but isn’t a spring color), and I feel like the red could look like an injury. Super weird color choices!

  30. I absolutely love the lip color, but I’m wondering if you should possibly try something cooler toned? My mom has cool undertones and when she uses one of my (neutral/warm) lipsticks it washes her out. Again the color is beautiful and not bad at all but I’m curious how it compares to your natural lip color. You can also pinch your cheeks to get a good idea for lipstick undertone.

  31. I have no idea what’s up with Reddit and desaturating some of the photos. I think this is why many keep recommending I explore Summer.

  32. I just scrolled through my old posts and it’s happening to some of them but not others. Maybe add a disclaimer in the title? It’s so annoying! You do look like a summer until you tap on the photo and then you’re definitely a spring.

  33. Whoa! At first glance I thought there was no way you were a spring and then tapping on the photo (I’m on mobile) the saturation changed SO much. Awesome sweater.

  34. You probably need to go darker with the concealer. For whatever reason a darker shade kind of cancels everything out

  35. I have several chronic illnesses that the doctors couldn’t figure out when I was younger and my Mom requested tests of things she’d seen on House (she didn’t tell anyone that was why😂 I watched the show myself years later and asked her. I thought it was hilarious.) All of them were right. So yes, I would trust him being that the actual show gave me answers doctors couldn’t.

  36. I wear the top color and can wear the lighter yellows but I have a peachy tone to my skin.

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