1. I have ADHD but this spoke to me from experience of being on the other side. I was in a relationship where I had to do all of the work because things didn't occur to them, they didn't notice things that needed cleaning, they were more easy going so didn't plan anything etc. I wanted them to be more thoughtful and romantic and felt righteous when it didn't happen. On the rare occasions it did happen, I have to admit that it didn't fix anything or feel right, and soon enough I'd be complaining about the next thing they hadn't done.

  2. My why is all the suffering needing to have meaning. If I give up now, what was it all for? I need to do big things to explain it, for it to have been worth it because of what it led me to.

  3. Thank you. I got out in nature and felt my feelings instead of wishing they weren't there, had a cry and then felt whole. IWNDWYT!

  4. It's a decision you need to make for yourself. While there is no safe level of drinking, it doesn't sound like you are worried about the effects alcohol are having on your life and health, but that your wife is.

  5. Too many to list. Life started when drinking stopped.

  6. If you look at OP's history you can see why. She seems to be quite vulnerable and posted that he says he isn’t attracted to her because she is too fat. She doesn't understand why he is with her as he shows no affection, but when she pulls away/is very hurt he tells her loves her.

  7. I'm not aware of permits for Masca, is that not for the top of Teide? Unless you want the achievement of climbing the whole of Teide, I'd say the wooded areas further down are nicer for running. The top looks a bit like the moon to me!

  8. Thank you for this mate. Exactly the sort of thing I was after - hugely helpful.

  9. No problem! I enjoyed reliving my trip on Google maps.

  10. Thanks for hosting. My challenge has been taking the next step in my recover when I'd stalled a bit. Bit this weekend I made two big decisions/commitments, one about a potential career change and one about moving house, which has been the plan since I got sober.

  11. That all sounds so exciting/unsettling, Yangsi! But it also sounds like you are strong enough to handle it all. I’m excited for you and your new life opportunities. Sober on!!!

  12. I was hit as a small child. The only thing it taught me was it’s acceptable for someone to use violence when they’re angry. As a result I stayed in an abusive relationship for far too long.

  13. Same too. Taught me that the people who are supposed to love you also treat you badly and shame you. Made me hate them and get used to feeling that way about the people closest to me.

  14. Exactly this. Kids just want love from you. Why would you do something that harms and frightens them?

  15. Exactly. Who else is going to unconditionally love them if you don't?

  16. The point of the film isn't about whether it's OK to eat people - obviously it's not OK. It's about finding connection and love, or not finding it, and the effects of that on a person.

  17. I have so many stories like this. Thankfully the embarrassment and shame has all gone and I look at the past as if it was someone else.

  18. Getting things done, but only the things that matter. Having fun, but not at the expense of everything else. Moving forward, towards goals that align with my values. Really just feeling that I have the power to make changes to my life. And being myself!

  19. I'm grateful for the dog as he's even extra cuddly today and he's kept me warm.

  20. I don't know how I'll be of service yet, but it's a good prompt. I do get a few days annually at work to spend on charity work so I will give that some thought this week.

  21. Now that I'm super sober from booze and the green stuff(3+ months now for the latter), starting to wonder if I need treatment for my ADHD. Kinda stinks that I may have to take some kind of medication, but I've tried everything... just can't independently study even though I know it would change everything for me... maybe will just do it for a year or two... but at least with no booze, that should really help mitigate any cardiac risks! I tried it almost 20 years ago but was paranoid about heart problems from boozing mixed with stimulants.

  22. I'm in the same boat but meds are working well and I'm having checkups for the heart etc.

  23. Not drinking will definitely help me get back into fitness. I’m going to try to walk 100 miles this month. And start lifting again. No more excuses. And I’ve got the kids this week. Sobriety is absolutely necessary. Iwndwyt

  24. I want to lift too. Thanks for the reminder!

  25. I have been anxious/avoident in relationships, which is the worst of everything. I was too attached and fearful, but would shut down at any signs of threat and switch off emotions. I struggled to deal with any uncertainty and had to KNOW 100% that they were safe, which is impossible to prove.Total disaster.

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