How people used to drink naturally filtered rain water in the Arabian Desert

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  1. Eyyyyyy, they support Non-Binary people!!!

  2. Huh? I meant that the colours in the flag are used to represent the genders in Humanity when I assume the original intent was for them to include the binary Male and Female and the purple being the Shil'vati, but little do they expect we also use purple to represent Non-Binary genders in flags (sometimes)

  3. It's made from Bisharps and pokémon that eats(? scavenge) steel based on pokedex entries. Corvikinght is neither.

  4. I mean, I know it's not mentioned in the Pokedex entries, but the shinies could literally be hunting other Pokémon, such as Shiny Magnemite (and the rest of the line) or shiny Forretress

  5. I mean, there's a reason the Monster Hunter community has all but officially adopted Tinkaton as their Pokémon XD

  6. Ehhhhh pretty much, yeah, so long as Fatalis doesn't melt the hammer anyways

  7. I choose to disregard the country destroying fire breath

  8. I mean, if it were a Fairy Terrastalize Tinkaton then that wouldn't even matter anyways

  9. Was a out to say I'm a poopy butt, but then I thought about how in spite of having an AWFUL sense of smell, I'm great at cooking

  10. I feel like you missed the best one "at least it can't get any worse" /panic

  11. Han Solo: "I've got a bad feeling about this"

  12. Fun fact, we actually DO need sunlight to live, it helps in using Vitamin D, which is necessary for the Human Body

  13. Sadly while we do need it, it makes some of us look older than we really are. We have had people from sunnier climates not realize that some Oregonians living in the Willamette Valley are as old as them because we don’t get as much Sun here as in say Australia.

  14. While very true, that is not a true necesity, but it is indeed quite annoying

  15. Depending on the game, I either rule in favour or against this, when I rule in favour of it the way I rule it is the Bag of Holding (and therefore all other extradimentional spaces) are a sort of demiplane that the entrance to is how you open the item, when I rule against it I rule that a Bag of Holding (and any other extradimentional spaces) are an alteration of the space within the object such that they alter size and perspective to be able to store lots of stuff in essentially little to no space at all but still being within the same plane

  16. Mmmmm, so instead you're just, you know, going to assume? Even if you're wrong?

  17. What's impressive to me is how people even thought of this

  18. Yeah, plus I mean like, think about it, the fact that a 70 year old person could quite literally be like "aight, I have a grandson now" instead of the whole "but it's all wrong!" deal just makes those that don't accept the change into bigots no matter the situation, or people in literal denial showing they desperately need help into learning to accept change

  19. Wtf? Why cat pr0n pics? I swear, the longer I stay here the more degenerates I meet XD

  20. Listen, it's the internet, catgirl porn exists even outside here, we're talking something people don't normally know exists here

  21. Osmium!! Because it's as dense as I and as useless too!

  22. Honestly? Not surprising, but also disappointed in this because you just need either Entry Hazards, Damaging Weather, Mold Breaker, Trick (the move), Destiny Bond, or one of the type changing moves like Soak

  23. There are now two factions of humans, the ones who gave themselves the strength and physique of the emperor's finest...

  24. There are 3, you forgot the furries that also want to have the strength and capabilities of the Emperor's finest

  25. Me, looking for the Bungee Gum memes: "WHERE ARE THEY!?!?"

  26. BREAKING NEWS humans and many of terra’s allies across the universe donate zillions to aid in the research of a device to allow human as lawyers

  27. Meanwhile, some human off in the depths of alcohol and joy, contemplates the situation at hand "Well, I can only imagine what kind of utter chaos will come out of this when they realize Humans can delude themselves so much they believe their lies to be the truth"

  28. Wow, what a way to make it rain, I swear, why you gotta make a meme that is so wholesome I start crying???

  29. For a spawn proof perimeter do you just run around modifying the surrounding area “X” with torches or specific blocks so nothing else can spawn around it? I’ve got the standard tower creeper farm in the middle of an ocean except it’s honestly pretty slow.

  30. The best option is literally gouging the earth within the spawn radius from the player, and then building whatever farms you want around that spot within the perimeter as close to Bedrock as possible. You want to do this because of the way the game checks for spawn conditions, it checks EVERY BLOCK at an given X, Z coordinate for all the Y values it finds a spawn able block in, so say there's blocks up to Y 8 because you made the farm on a quarry that you didn't finish digging out, then the game will check if it can spawn a mob in any of those 8 blocks and then on the farm.

  31. Hey!!! That's a completely normal way to say I-Ron

  32. XGoW: "So... Uhhh... Kray-Tows, I see you are widely respected and loved by the Humans, tell me, how did you manage that?"

  33. The first time I played MC I just had a crafting table and a furnace somewhere random in a forest back when we still had world borders XD

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